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Radiation Therapy, Advanced Practice 2022 Caldwell, Shaun Defining Advanced Practice Radiation Therapy at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center: A Delphi Study
Self-Differentiation, Performance Anxiety 2022 Wood, Lauri Relationship Between Performance Anxiety and Self-Differentiation
Clinical Leadership, Collaborative Leadership, Experiential Learning 2022 Dunn, Kerry Exploring a Model of Clinical Leadership Grounded in Radiography: Developing Clinical Radiography Leaders
Clinical Learning Environment 2021 Ingrassia, Jennett Radiologic Technology Students’ Perceptions of an Effective Clinical Learning Environment
Education, ARRT Certification Exam Preparation 2020 Harradon, Sarah American Registry of Radiologic Technologists Exam Preparation: A Case Study
Professionalism 2018 Welch Haynes, Kelli The Importance of Professional Values from Radiologic Technologists' Perspective
Radiology 2018 Harris, Audrey First-Year Employment Experiences Of Entry-Level Radiologic Technologists
Education 2013 Dawson, Elva M. An examination of the low number of minority students in the allied health profession and the students' assessment of their clinical affiliate
Radiation Therapy 2012 Garza Lozano, Reynaldo A socio-technical analysis of knowledgeable practice in radiation therapy.
Education, Radiologic Technology, Critical Thinking 2010 Gosnell, Susan D. Teaching and assessing critical thinking in radiologic technology students
Web-based Instruction in Radiography programs 2009 Giovanniello, Michael, Ph.D., Faculty use of Web-based instruction for psychomotor learning in community college radiography programs
Education, Online Education, Instructional Design 2009 Vealé, Beth L. Transactional distance and course structure: a qualitative study
Health Education 2008 Lin, Zu-Chun Effects of a tailored web-based educational intervention on Taiwanese women's mammography-related perceptions and intentions
Management, Radiology, Health care 2008 Watson, Liana M. The influence of supervisor leadership behaviors on motivators affecting job satisfaction of medical imaging professionals
Patient Care, Radiation, Health Education 2007 Burger, Ingrid M. Ethics and policy issues in the diffusion and marketing of computed tomography (CT) screening exams
Education, Radiography 2007 Fortsch, Peggy How the clinical settings of radiography programs affect learning perceptions
Computed Tomography 2007 Kim, Hyun Jung, Ph.D. Classification in thoracic computed tomography image data
Higher Education, Radiologic Technology 2007 Ng, Kin Cheung Establishment of an electronic portfolio system with PACS connectivity reflecting educational pedagogy in a radiography undergraduate programme
Nuclear Medicine, Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2007 Schuster, David Michael Gallium-69, 71 and nitrogen-14 nuclear magnetic resonance of amorphous gallium nitride
Radiation Therapy, Caregivers 2007 Swore Fletcher, Barbara A. Symptoms in family caregivers of patients undergoing radiation therapy for prostate cancer
Labor economics 2007 Timmons, Edward J. The Economic Effects of Licensing of Radiologic Technologists, Massage Therapists, and Barbers
Radiation Therapy 2007 Weinberg, Rebecca Electron intensity modulation for mixed-beam radiation therapy with an x-ray multi-leaf collimator
Radiation Therapy 2006 Alt, Carlynn A. Muscle function and cancer-related fatigue in cancer survivors
Patient Care, Exercise, Radiation Therapy 2006 Anton, Philip Michael Activities of daily living performance in cancer patients undergoing treatment
Digital Radiography 2006 Bacher, Klaus Evaluation of image quality and patient radiation dose in digital radiology
Health education, Radiology, Educational software 2006 Carfagno, Joseph Needs assessment: Mentor training for radiology technologists
Biomedical research, Radiology 2006 Chun, Hee Auditory sensory feedback tool to supplement visual data perception in radiologic imaging: A demonstration using MR mammography
Community colleges, School administration 2006 Griffith, Cynthia F. Community college recruitment of radiologic science faculty: The effects of financial and non-financial inducements
Dental Care, Radiography 2006 Herring, Jason Thomas The effectiveness of orthodontists and oral radiologists in the diagnosis of impacted maxillary canines
Health education, Radiology 2006 Johnston, James The effectiveness of online instruction in allied health science education
Health education, Radiology 2006 Killion, Jeffrey B. Occupational stress and burnout among radiologic science educators
Mentorship, Education 2006 Klein, DeAnn R. A comparison of mentor and mentee perceptions regarding informal and formal mentoring programs in a health sciences program in radiation therapy
Nuclear Medicine, Magnetic Resonance Imaging 2006 Lee, Yong J. Construction of a low temperature nuclear magnetic resonance force microscope
Education, Radiography 2006 MacIntosh, Donna A blended model of instructional delivery in a medical radiography program
Public Health 2006 Mutale-Ruwe, Mathilda B., Ph.D. Cultural concepts of cancer and mammography uptake and adherence: Lessons from the Haitian breast cancer study
Dental care 2006 Perschbacher, Susanne E. A retrospective analysis of referral patterns for oral radiologic consultation
Higher education 2006 Schmidt, Lisa F. Gender roles, socialization, and hierarchy in an allied health profession: Radiography students' constructs of self and the profession
Psychotherapy, Oncology, Religion 2006 Summers, Jennifer The role of spirituality among cancer patients: A "bodymind" relationship
Patient Education, Radiation Therapy 2006 Velji, Karima Effect of an individualized symptom education program on the symptom distress of women receiving radiation therapy for gynecological cancers
Health education, Radiology 2006 Willson, Angela Predictors of teaching styles and the adult education philosophies of instructors of radiologic technology programs
Radiology, Biomedical research, Biophysics 2006 Yu, Lifeng Tomographic reconstruction from x-ray projections and its applications to image-guided radiation therapy
Higher education 2005 Aaron, Laura S. Responsibilities and leadership styles of radiologic technology program directors: Implications for leadership development
Higher Education, Retirement, Workplace 2005 Gill, Julia A. Factors that influence the intended retirement age of radiography faculty
Adult Education, Continuing Education 2005 Greer, Charles Edward An Analysis of the Professional Needs and Resource Capabilities of Adult Educators Active in Programs Funded Through the Illinois Office of Education for Region V
Neurology, Surgery, Immunology 2005 Healey, Kathleen Marie Measurement of Disease in Multiple Sclerosis: Research and Clinical Applications
2005 Kane, Gabrielle Martina A Beam's Eye View: Examining the Impact of Change on a Medical Practice
Dental Care, Radiography 2005 Kantor, Mel Lewis Use of radiology practice guidelines by general dentists in the United States
Language Arts, Curricula, Teaching, Special Education 2005 Kelley, Linda Lee The Dynamics of Literacy Acquisition and Learning: Focusing on Gifted Learners in a Language Arts Collaborative Class
Public Health, Health Care, Oncology 2005 Koehlmoos, Tracey Lynn Racial Disparities in Breast Cancer Surgical Treatment and Radiation Therapy Use
Radiation Therapy 2005 Kumar, Arvind Novel methods for intensity modulated radiation therapy treatment planning
Public Health, Statistics, Health Care 2005 Mcmahon, Pamela Markell Policy Assessment of Medical Imaging Utilization: Methods and Applications
Workplace, Health Care 2005 Miller, Christine G. Cardiac sonographer recruiting and retention
School Administration, Community Colleges 2005 Mounfield, Luegina Adaline Carter Activities Used by Community College Faculty to Maintain Discipline Currency: Identification and Influencing Factors
Radiation Therapy, Workplace 2005 Poirier, Patricia A. The relation of sick leave benefits, employment patterns, and individual characteristics to radiation therapy-related fatigue
Public Health, Oncology 2005 Rahman, Selina Distance to Mammography Facilities as a Predictor of Breast Cancer Screening and Stage at Diagnosis
School Administration, Radiology, Health Education 2005 Strickland, Gloria Deal Program Administrators' Perceptions of the American Society of Radiologic Technologists' Sponsored Baccalaureate Curriculum
Health Education, Adult Education, Continuing Education 2005 Swafford, Larry G. Job Satisfaction Among Radiation Therapy Faculty in Higher Education
Biomedical Research 2004 Anderson, Jeffrey R. A Seed-Based Semi-Automatic Segmentation Method for Serial Section Images
Health Education, Public Health 2004 Butts, Albert D. Marijuana and Intentions to Use Condoms: Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior
Gerontology, Womens Studies, Public Health 2004 Evans, Kevin D. Knowledge of Breast Self-Examination and Other Determinants Relationship on the Self-Rated Health Status of Elderly Women
Veterinary services, Anatomy & physiology, Animals 2004 Hansson, Kerstin Diagnostic imaging of cardio-pulmonary structures in normal dogs and dogs with mitral regurgitation
Science history, Public health 2004 Jolly, J. Christopher Thresholds of uncertainty: Radiation and responsibility in the fallout controversy
Management, Occupational Psychology, Health Care, Downsizing, Organizational Behavior 2004 Kaiser, Gary M. The Effects of Downsizing on Employee Stress and Organizational Loyalty in the Healthcare Industry
Engineering, Biomedical (0541); Health Sciences, Medicine and Surgery (0564); Health Sciences, Oncology (0992); Health Sciences, Nursing (0569) 2004 Klosky, James L. Evaluation of an Interactive-Educational Barney(R) Intervention for Reducing Distress in Pediatric Cancer Patients Experiencing Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning
Radiology, Health Care, Public Health 2004 Kolber, Carole Tanenbaum Patient Expectations of Full Body CT Screening
Radiation Therapy 2004 Li, Jun Analysis of dose characteristics from beveled applicators in intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) using Monte Carlo simulation, water scan measurement and film dosimetry
Black History, African Americans 2004 Pearson, Reggie L. Crucible of Change: Black Health Care in the Urban South, 1910--1954
Radiation, Nuclear physics, Radiology, Biophysics 2004 Starck, Sven-Ake Methods used in quality assurance and optimization in nuclear medicine imaging and imaging systems
Public Health 2004 Walker, Gerry An Analysis of the Relationship Between Health Locus of Control, Health Value, Selected Demographics, and Compliance With Early Detection of Breast Cancer Among African American Women Who Are Active Members of a Black Sorority in Northeastern Ohio
Educational Sociology 2003 Crandall, Suzanne E. High School Hazing: A Study of the Autobiographical Memories of Entering First-Year College Students
Community Colleges, Adult Education, Continuing Education 2003 Davis, Mark Edward Predictors of Employer Satisfaction With Workplace-Based Contract Training Programs at Community and Technical Colleges in West Virginia
Nursing, Obstetrics, Gynecology, African Americans, Mammography, Medical Screening, Decision Making, Older People, Women 2003 Fowler, Barbara Ann Claiming Health: Mammography Screening Decision-Making of Older, Urban African-American Women
Nuclear Medicine, Education 2003 Harvey, Richard Uncertainty of Inhalation Dose Coefficients for Representative Physical and Chemical Forms of Iodine-131
Education 2003 Lawson, Sonya Predictors of Primary Care Residency Choice and Perceptions of Medical Practice of Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine Graduates
Health Sciences, Radiology (0574); Health Sciences, Public Health (0573) 2003 Ludwig, Rebecca L. Osteoporosis Patient Health Education: Practices Among Bone Densitometry Equipment Operators
Higher Education, Curricula, Teaching 2003 Miller, Michelle Grace Holistic Design for Critical Thinking Instruction: Case Studies of Instructional Practices
Diagnostic Medical Sonography 2003 Mitchell, Carole Kaye Defining The Path From a Technical Occupation To a Profession: The Role of The Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Higher Education, Health Education, Educational Psychology 2003 Pearson, Linda Lee Predictors of Success in a Graduate Program in Radiologic Sciences
Psychotherapy 2003 Phelps, Kelly The Development of a Protocol for Health Care Providers Treating MRI-Related Anxiety
Education, Radiologic Technology 2003 Schans, Bette From educational theory to professional practice: Ethical reasoning in students and graduates of radiologic technology programs
Education, Higher (0745); Education, Administration (0514) 2003 Shaver, Gary Wayne The Relationship Between the Perceived Leadership Styles of Directors of Associate Degree Radiography Programs and Faculty Satisfaction, Willingness to Exert Extra Effort, Perceived Director Effectiveness, and Program Outcomes
Higher Education, School Administration 2003 Verhovsek, Ester L. Examining Stages in Curriculum Change: Implementation of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (Cam)
Public Health 2002 Elledge, Brenda L. The Retail Inspection Process: An Evaluation of Its Function and Consumer Perception of Risk
Management 2002 Fischer-McKee, Mary Health Maintenance Organizations (Hmos), National Committee On Quality Assurance (Ncqa) Accreditation Standards, and Public Interest Regulation
Education, Vocational (0747); Education, Tests and Measurements (0288); Education, Community College (0275); Health Sciences, Education (0350) 2002 Frias, Frederick Assessment of Clinical Education Performance Testing Procedures for a Radiologic Technology Program
Health Sciences, Health Care Management (0769); Health Sciences, Occupational Health and Safety (0354); Psychology, Industrial (0624) 2002 Gilbert, Daniel L. Psychometric Determination of Job Stress in Health Occupations
Radiation Therapy 2002 Hadley, Scott Video-Based Patient Positioning for External Beam Radiation Therapy.
Continuing Education 2002 King, Mari Deterrents to Participation in Web-Based Continuing Professional Education for Radiologic Technologists in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Mammography 2002 Legg, Jeffrey Factors Influencing Mammography Utilization Among Disabled and Nondisabled Women
Health Education, Radiology 2002 Lukasik-Sedmak, Denise M. How to Develop an Interactive MRI Brain Cross-Sectional Anatomy CD-ROM and Web-Based Educational Materials to Meet the Needs of Medical Imaging Specialists Working in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Educational Psychology, Language Arts, Mathematics Education 2002 Luse, Kimberly Ann The Acquisition of Academic Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Adolescent Girls With Respect To Mathematics and English: A Socio-Cultural View
Biomedical Research, Surgery 2002 Mcclelland, Randall Edwin Engineering Mass Transport Improvements for Hepatic Devices: An Experimental and Computational Approach
Curricula, Teaching 2002 Mitchell, Carol Kaye Chenoweth Defining the Path From a Technical Occupation to a Profession: The Role of the Diagnostic Medical Sonographer
Education 2002 Rutz, Anne Relationships Among Various Cognitive, and Noncognitive Variables With The Performance of Radiologic Technology Students
Radiation Therapy, Management 2002 Turley, Catherine Radiation Therapy Program Directors: A Frames Analysis of Leadership in Higher Education
Radiation Therapy, Education 2002 Turley, Catherine Radiation Therapy Program Directors: A Frames Analysis of Leadership in Higher Education.
Biomedical research, Radiology 2002 Wong, Kenneth Howard Multi-modality imaging for improved staging of prostate cancer
Education, Allied Health 2001 Baker, Sarah Selected Allied Health Deans' and Program Directors' Perspectives of Specialized Accreditation Effectiveness and Reform.
Radiography, Education 2001 Davis, Lynne The Effects of Learning Style On Academic Achievement in an Allied Health Radiography Program.
Radiation Therapy, Patient Care 2001 Hoff, Ann Effects of an Education Program on Radiation Oncology Patients and Families.
2001 Housenick, Mitchell Alexander Assessment of the Prevalence of Smoke-Free Environment Policies Throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia At Worksites Employing Fifty or More Workers
Radiation Therapy, Education 2001 Mitchell, Fiona Jane Study into the Issues Surrounding the Development of Recertification Training for Radiation Therapists in British Columbia.
Radiologic Technology, Workplace 2001 Mohan, Aparna Cause-Specific Cancer Mortality and Incident Hematopoietic Malignancies Among Radiation Technologists in the United States.
Patient Care 2001 Reynolds, Julie The Role of Social Support in Adjustment to Breast Cancer: The Importance of Support Congruency.
Education, Gender 2000 Ballentine, Angela A Sociological Multiple Life History Study of Three Female Former Community College Presidents in a Southeastern System.
Higher Education, School Administration, Community Colleges, Womens Studies 2000 Ballentine, Angela Rene A Sociological Multiple Life History Study of Three Female Former Community College Presidents in a Southeastern System
Radiation Therapy, Nursing, Education 2000 Belinsky, Susan The Effect of a Peer to Peer Strategy Within Radiation Therapy and Nursing Clinical Settings on the Development of Critical Thinking Skills
Radiologic Technology, Continuing Education 2000 Noble, Lauren Creating Integrated Facilities: Community College Radiologic Technology Faculty Attitudes Towards Instructional Technology, Distance Education, and Continuing Professional Education
Community Colleges, Adult Education, Continuing Education, Radiology, Educational Software 2000 Noble, Lauren Brower Creating Integrated Facilities: Community College Radiologic Technology Faculty Attitudes Towards Instructional Technology, Distance Education, and Continuing Professional Education
Education 2000 Sechrist, Scott Organizational Citizenship Behaviors and Technologically Proficient University Faculty.
Higher Education, Educational Software 2000 Sechrist, Scott Richard Organizational Citizenship Behaviors and Technologically Proficient University Faculty
Radiography, Education 2000 Shaver, Vicki Learning Styles and Student Success in Radiography Education.
Radiologic Technology, Education, Workplace 2000 Tossell, Renee The Multiskilled Health Practitioner: Educational Preparedness and Effects of Technology on Organizational Work Practices in Hospital Settings
Health Sciences, Occupational Health and Safety (0354); Health Sciences, Radiology (0574) 2000 Wenzinger, Barbara J. An Analysis of the Level of Lead Fume and Lead Dust Present in the Lead Fabrication Area in Medical Radiation Therapy Departments
Radiation Therapy, Workplace 1999 Adams, Robert The Predictive Value of Selected Stressors and Social Support on Burnout in Radiation Therapists
Neurology, Molecular Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Animals, Toxicology 1999 Collins, Lucille Marie Neurotensin Gene Expression in a Rat Model of Prenatal Cocaine Exposure
Management 1999 Keith, Hornberger Healthcare Fraud and Abuse: The Conundrum of Voluntary Disclosure and Self-Reporting.
Educational Software, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence 1999 Kroetz, Arthur William The Role of Intelligent Agency in Synthetic Instructor and Human Student Dialogue
Adult Education, Continuing Education, School Administration, Higher Education, Educational Evaluation, Educational Psychology 1999 Pack, Don Armond A Case Study Comparing the Effects of Student-Directed Testing (S-Dt) and Teacher-Directed Testing (T-Dt) on Test Anxiety, Academic Achievement, and Course Satisfaction
Economics, Labor (0510); Black Studies (0325); Health Sciences, Health Care Management (0769); Health Sciences, Education (0350) 1999 Reid, M. La Verne The Scarcity of African Americans in Allied Health Professions: An Analysis of Key Factors
Health Sciences, Radiology (0574); Information Science (0723) 1999 Schomer, Barbara Greene Cost Effectiveness in Telemedicine: Conventional Versus Digital Delivery of Radiologic Images
Management, Gender 1999 Sperling, Linda The Effect of Biological Gender and Gender-Dominated Occupations on the Perceived Sex-Role Identities of Managers.
Education 1999 William, Arthur The Role of Intelligent Agency in Synthetic Instructor and Human Student Dialogue.
Radiation Therapy, Education 1998 Adams, Laurie An Analysis of Radiation Therapy Program Directors' Attitudes Toward Specialized Accreditation (Program Directors).
Psychological Tests, Psychotherapy 1998 Kahler, Dorothy S. A Factor Analysis of the Category Test
Radiography, Education 1998 Ludema, David Radiography Program Articulation Agreements.
Education, Allied Health 1998 Olateju, Sunday A Study of Work Motivation Among Educators in Selected Educational Institutions Using Job Characteristics Model
Radiography, Education 1998 Proffitt, Ron An Assessment of Associate Degree Radiography Programs in Virginia: Comparison Between Traditional and Nontraditional Students
Radiography, Education 1998 Wright, Donna Radiography Student Learning Style Preferences and Computer Readiness.
Management, Health Care, Information Systems, Information Technology, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation--Cpr, Electronic Mail Systems 1997 Ash, Joan Stevenson Factors For Information Technology Innovation Diffusion and Infusion in Health Sciences Organizations: A Systems Approach
Public Health, Health Care, Urban Planning, Area Planning and Development, Disaster Relief 1997 Bowen, Nancy Joanne Hospital Disaster Response: An Empirical Study Following the Great Hanshin Earthquake, Kobe-Osaka, Japan, January 17, 1995
Radiologic Technology, Education 1997 Escamilla, Belinda A Baccalaureate Degree in Radiologic Health Science: A Multiskilled Approach
Radiologic Technology, Education 1997 Hoffrichter, Barbara Teaching Style Assessment of Program Directors of Hospital-Based Certificate and College/University Degree Programs of Radiologic Technology.
Radiologic Technology, Workplace 1997 Sorrentino, Daniel A Case Study of Community Radiology Imaging
Botany, Genetics 1997 Wake, Carol M. F. Short Photoperiod Induction of Endodormancy: Comparative Studies of Three Vitis Genotypes
Neurology, Pharmacology, Anatomy and Physiology 1996 Bausch, Suzanne Barbara Anatomical Analysis of MU and Delta Opioid Receptor Systems in the Brain and Changes in the Actions of Opioids Within the Dentate Gyrus Associated With Temporal Lobe Epilepsy
Radiology, Dental Care, Radiation 1996 Farman, Taeko Takemori Charge-Coupled Device Panoramic Radiography: Image Factors and Dosimetry
Education 1996 Fauber, Terri "Mattering" Doesn't Matter: An Analysis of Adult Undergraduate Persistence Patterns (Adult Students).
Psychology, Clinical (0622); Health Sciences, Radiology (0574); Education, Health (0680) 1996 Lake, Kristine Elizabeth Effects of Radiation Therapy Knowledge and Misconceptions on Patient Anxiety
Management, Gender 1996 Pankau, Kristel Leadership Styles of Three Hispanic-American Women in Health Science.
Management, Curricula, Teaching, Health Care, Womens Studies, Leadership, Hispanic Americans, Science 1996 Pankau, Kristel Heira Leadership Styles of Three Hispanic-American Women in Health Science
Education 1996 Swan, Gwendolyn Evaluation of a Recovery-Based Curriculum in Literacy Education with Learning Disabled Substance Abusers.
Patient Care 1996 Walker, Robert Resilient Reintegration Of Adult Children Of Perceived Alcoholic Parents.
Radiologic Technology, Workplace 1995 Donahue, Karen Ann Radiologic Technologists: Alienation and Deskilling in a 'High Technology' Profession
Education, Allied Health 1995 Gordon, Theodora An Assessment of the Descriptors and Determinants of Academic Success of Selected Allied Health Students in Virginia (Learning Style, Self-Concept).
Radiation Therapy, Education 1995 Lobeski-Eatmon, Stephanie A Photograph in Time: Clinical Education in Radiation Therapy (Clinical Instructors, Program Directors).
Radiology, Patient Care 1995 Loritsch, Mary Brewer Do Surgeons Influence the Treatment Rates for T1 Breast Cancer Patients at the Local Level of Health Care?
Education, Allied Health 1995 Palmer, Carole Organizational Climate and Job Satisfaction as Reported by Florida Community College Health Occupations Program Directors.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1995 Sayed, Gary Evaluation of the Iron(III) Complex of the 3,5-Diethylsulfonamide Derivative of Catechol as an Organ-selective Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Agent.
Radiologic Technology, Education 1995 Shehane, Donna Prediction of Student Completion of an Associate Degree Radiologic Technology Program (Admissions).
Womens Studies, Physical Education 1995 Shreve-Nathlar, Donna J. A Comparative Study of Collegiate Women Athletic Directors and Coaches in South Carolina and the United States
Education 1995 Ward, Michael A Study of Job Satisfaction in African-American Administrators at Selected Predominantly White Colleges Versus Those at Selected Historically Black Colleges.
Radiologic Technology, Education 1994 Bober, Paul A Study of Cognitive and Non-cognitive Selection Criteria for Students in Community College Radiologic Technology Programs (Student Selection)
Education 1994 Curry, Reva Participatory Action Research in Community School Development: Toward a Health-Focused, Community Problem-Solving, Integrative Curriculum.
Patient Care 1994 Meyers, Pamela A Holistic Wellness Inoculation Model: A Validity Study.
Health Education, Nutrition, Welfare, Occupational Safety, Public Health 1994 Meyers, Pamela Florence-Isenhour A Holistic Wellness Inoculation Model: a Validity Study
Radiography, Education 1994 Mulkey, Charles Attrition in Associate Degree Radiography Programs: Perceived Causes and Possible Solutions.
Nursing 1994 Small, Deborah Staff Nurses' Perceptions of Unit Based Quality Assurance.
Mammography, Patient Care 1994 Stonbely, Suzanne Determinants of Noncompliance of Breast Screening Behaviors Among Dade County Women (Women's Health, Florida).
Radiation Therapy 1993 Fadell, Louis Spectral Changes in Electron Beams at Extended Distances Utilizing a Telescoping Intraoperative Radiation Therapy Applicator System.
Radiation Therapy, Patient Care 1993 Idehen, Francis Patient Education in Radiation Oncology: A Needs Assessment of Patients Receiving Radiation Treatment for Cancer.
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 1993 Wheatley, Linda Investigation of Iron(III) Tironate as a Potential Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Contrast Agent.
Education 1993 Wilson, Suzanne The Effects of Cueing in a Computer-Based Hypercard Lesson (Learning Paths, Macintosh).
Immunology 1992 Garcia Figueroa, Blanca Esther Subclases de Igg Especifica en la Polinosis y Efecto Biologico de la Igg(4) Producida por la Inmunoterapia
Mammography, Radiology 1992 Good, Barbara Effect of Computer-Generated Diagnostic Feedback on the Performance of Radiologists Interpreting Mammographic Film Images.
Radiologic Technology, Education 1992 Kawamura, Diane Strategy Content in Higher Education at the Academic Unit Level (Radiologic Sciences).
Radiologic Technology, Education 1992 Martino, Salvatore Integrated Skills Reinforcement in Radiologic Technology at Hostos Community College.
Radiologic Technology, Management, Workplace 1992 Mclaughlin Jr., Robert Job Satisfaction Among Radiologic Technologists in Selected Hospital Imaging Centers.
Education 1992 Newell, Charles A Study of the Legal Considerations for Educators Engaged in Experiential Learning Arising from Constitutional and Federal Statutory Law (Student Rights).
Dental Radiology 1992 Platin, Enrique An Investigation of Selected Factors Associated With Knowledge, Adoption, and Attitudes of North Carolina General Dentists Toward Dental Radiology Quality Assurance.
Radiography, Workplace 1991 Black Jr., Cleveland An Investigation of Levels of Burnout as They Relate to Job Satisfaction and Job Performance of Radiographers at a Selected Urban Hospital (Hospitals).
Nursing, Health Care, Occupational Psychology 1991 Emery, Janet Evans Perceived Sources of Stress Among Pediatric Oncology Nurses
Education, Gender 1991 Gentry, Mary Promotional Patterns of Females and Males in Executive Administrative Positions of North Carolina Community Colleges (Community Colleges).
Radiologic Technology, Continuing Education 1991 Rayburn, Judith Barriers and Incentives to Participation in Continuing Professional Education of Imaging Technologists.
Radiologic Technology, Education 1991 Soto, Carlos Academic Responsibilities and Administrative Functions of the Radiologic Technology Program Director in Two-Year Colleges.
Fluid Dynamics, Gases 1991 Weening, Richard Henry Completely Bootstrapped Tokamak
Radiation Therapy 1990 Brooks, Laura Smokers' Attitudes and Subjective Norms About Smoking Cessation Following Diagnosis of Head and Neck Cancer.
Adult Education, Continuing Education 1990 Edwards, Thomas J., III An Investigation to Determine the Influence of Motivational Orientation and Selected Demographic Characteristics of Radiographers on Their Participation in and Application of Continuing Professional Education
Patient Care 1990 Lawson, Sylvia Cicily Claire Old Age and Caregiving in a Black Community.
Education 1990 Paschal, Rosanne Factors Contributing to the Health Knowledge, Attitude, and Practices of Elementary Education Students (School Health Education).
Education 1990 Southern, Judy An Assessment of Educational Needs and Interests of Secondary Health Occupations Education Teachers in Alabama.
Radiation Therapy, Education 1990 Uschold, George An Analysis of the Role of the Program Director in Radiation Therapy Technology.
Gerontology 1989 Anderson, Chalon Edwards Effects of Preretirement Planning on Life Satisfaction During Retirement
Education, Allied Health 1989 Hawkins, Muriel Today's Allied Health Deans: A National Study of Deans in Academic Health Centers.
Nuclear Medicine, Education 1989 Meyers, Arthur Development of an In Vitro Laboratory Manual for Nuclear Medicine Technology Students (Laboratory Manual).
Health Education 1989 Meyers, Arthur Development of an in Vitro Laboratory Manual for Nuclear Medicine Technology Students
Chemistry 1989 Sarkar, Subhendra Nath Pressure and Temperature Dependence of NMR Chemical Shifts of Simple Ions in Solution
Radiologic Technology, Education 1989 Van Valkenburg, Jane The Relationship Between Instructional Methods and the Development of Affective Awareness in Radiologic Technology Students.
Management 1989 Winston, Lois Institutional Ethics Committees: A Function of Organizational Characteristics.
Radiologic Technology, Education, Workplace 1988 Adams, Michael A Study of Perceived Job Performance, Job Satisfaction and Participation in Continuing Education of Graduates from College and Hospital-Based Programs in Radiologic Technology.
Mammography, Patient Care 1988 Higa, Beth Psychosocial Stress, Anxiety, Locus-of-Control and Breast Cancer.
Radiologic Technology, Education 1988 Mckay, Darrell An Analysis of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Variables as Predictors of Clinical Performance for Radiologic Technologists in a Community College Based Program.
Radiologic Technology, Education 1988 Osborne, Kistler Leadership Behavior of Program Directors in Radiologic Technology Schools.
Fluoroscopy, Education 1988 Parelli, Robert Design and Implementation of a Process for Evaluating a Course in Fluoroscopy.
Radiation Therapy, Education 1988 Russell, Christina The Development and Evaluation of an Interactive Videodisc System to Train Radiation Therapy Technology Students on the Use of the Linear Accelerator.
Education, Allied Health 1987 Akroyd, Duane An Investigation of The Relationship Between Perceived Leadership Behaviors of Deans of Schools/Colleges of Allied Health and Job Satisfaction of Department Chairpersons.
Management 1987 Boyum, Paula A Study of Factors that are Related to the Use of Microcomputers by Hospital Managers.
Vocational Education 1987 Boyum, Paula Gail A Study of Factors That are Related to the Use of Microcomputers by Hospital Managers
Education, Gender 1987 Bugg, Nadia The Effects of Applicant Sex, Applicant Attractiveness, Rater Sex and Sex-Role Stereotype on the Evaluation of Applicants.
Education, Allied Health 1987 Rahr, Richard Basic Learning Styles and the Relationships to Achievement in Allied Health and Nursing.
Education, Allied Health 1987 Tabron, Mattie Ethical Ideology: an Inquiry into Factors Affecting the Ethical Position of Selected Future Health Administrators and Practitioners.
Radiologic Technology, Education 1987 Tarico, Valerie An Accomplishment Technique for Selection of Radiologic Technology Students.
Radiologic Technology, Continuing Education 1986 Patterson, Ruth Continuing Education Needs Perceived by Members of Three North Carolina Allied Health Professions (Assisting, Medical Technologists, Radiologic).
Nursing, Education 1986 Tilson, Elwin The Effect of Computer Enhanced Skill Training in Critical Thinking and Cognitive Monitoring on Learning and Development of Critical Thinking in an Undergraduate Family Nursing Course (Georgia).
Radiography 1985 Mazzeo, John An Evaluation of the Level of Skill Required of Operators of a Computer-Assisted Radiologic Total Lung Capacity Measurement System (Reliability, Validity).
Analytical Chemistry 1985 Noroski, Joyce Elaine Spectroscopic Probing of Aot Reverse Micelles via Selected Aromatic Nitrogen Heterocycles (Fluorescence, Thiabendazole, Absorption, Microenvironment, Benzimidazole)
Continuing Education 1985 Rogers, Anna Louise A Descriptive Survey Study of Los Angeles County Physician-Perceived Expectations of Continuing Medical Education.
Radiologic Technology, Patient Care 1984 Fegley, Barbara The Effects of Contingent Versus Noncontingent Instruction on Children's Responses to Selected Radiologic Procedures.
Radiologic Technology, Continuing Education 1984 Harriman, Robert Perceptions of Radiologic Technologists Toward Mandatory Continuing Education: An Assessment of the Relationship Between Selected Demographic and Sociopsychologic Variables and Acceptance of Mandatory Continuing Education.
Education 1984 Simmons, Robert Networking in Curriculum Planning: The Development and Application of a Model.
Radiologic Technology, Education 1983 Barry, Phillip An Analysis of Selected Admission Criteria as Predictors of Success on the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists.
Diagnostic Medical Sonography 1983 Berman, Mimi A Description of the Profession of Diagnostic Medical Sonography and an Analysis of the Correlation of Four Cognitive Abilities with the Clinical Performance of Practicing Diagnostic Medical Sonographers.
Education 1982 Edwards, Martha Jo Geren The Effect of Health Education at the Postsecondary Level on The Reduction of Health Risk Behaviors.
Zoology 1982 Pott, Claudia Blythe An Anatomical and Physiological Investigation of Lateral Hypothalamic Enhancement of Visuo-Motor Responses in Cats
Dental Radiography 1982 Whaley, Kermit A Comparison of Two Radiographic Techniques: the Stabe-Paralleling and the Precision-Instrument Paralleling.
Education, Allied Health 1981 Anderson, Shirley An Assessment of the Academic Role of Departmental Chairpersons in Selected Allied Health Professions.
Education, Allied Health 1981 Blagg Jr., James Dogmatism and Integrative Complexity as Related to Discipline, Administrative Level, and Selected Personal Characteristics of Allied Health Educational Administrators.
Radiologic Technology, Continuing Education 1981 Craychee, Gary Iowa Radiologic Technologists' Intentions to Participate in Professional Continuing Education.
Education 1981 Matheis, Margaret Differential Responses of Sensitizers and Repressors in Serial Learning.
Radiologic Technology, Education 1981 Ragle, Roxanne A Comparative Study of Two Educational Programs in Radiologic Technology.
Radiography, Education 1981 Thorpe, Robert Identification of Entry-Level Competencies for Associate Degree Radiographers as Perceived by Primary Role Definers.
Radiologic Technology, Continuing Education 1980 Westby, Harold Required Continuing Education for Selected Health Care Professionals in Oregon: an Attitude and Needs Assessment With Implications for Higher Education.
Biology 1979 Schaefer, Clara H. The Biodistribution, Biodegradation and Pharmacodynamics of Sulfur-35-Heparin in the Dog
Computed Tomography, Radiography 1979 Tortorici, Marianne Task Analysis of Special Procedures Radiography and Computerized Axial Tomography Technology.
Radiation Therapy 1978 Mcketty, Marlene Hope Patricia The Design and Construction of a Miniature Dosimeter for the Study of the Effects of Air Cavities in Radiation Therapy.
Radiologic Technology, Education 1978 Stevens, Robert A Study of Curriculum and Instruction in Diagnostic Radiologic Technology Programs of Colorado.
Radiologic Technology, Education 1978 Weinstein, Ronald Faculty Qualifications and Student Achievement in Radiologic Technology.
Education 1976 Newman, Marie Anne Hall A Study of the Relationship of Tax-Exempt Property and the Financing of Public Education in Selected Counties of New York and Ohio.
Radiologic Technology, Education 1972 Reibling, Louis The Phantom Strikes: The Use of Simulation to Teach the Radiologic Technology Student to Radiograph the Gall Bladder.
Education 1971 Richards, Anne Educating for Openness to Experience: A Curriculum Proposal.
Cultural Anthropology 1970 Robbins, Richard Howard Drinking Behavior and Identity Resolution
Psychology, Experiments 1969 Evans, James Roger Relationships of Psychological Differentiation, Emotional Distance From Reinforcing Agent, Emotional Arousal, and Responsiveness to Social Reinforcement