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It’s only through your generosity that the ASRT Foundation continues to make a profound difference in the lives of medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals and students who enhance the quality and safety of patient care.

Help us build a stronger Foundation. Your donation helps us continue our mission to provide educational, research and outreach opportunities that empower technologists and students and strengthen our profession today and in the future.


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Ashley Malloy, R.T.(R)

Thank you so much for donating to the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund. And thank you to ASRT for choosing me as a recipient. Toward the end of March 2020, I was laid off from my job due to COVID. With this award I was able to pay some bills until my unemployment kicked in. It grounded me during an uncertain, stressful time and I am forever grateful. Your kindness and generosity have helped so many in our community.

Ashley Malloy, R.T.(R)
Recipient, COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Grant

I am very honored and enthusiastic to have received the Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholarship. I am profoundly grateful for your generosity in gifting me this scholarship to pursue my education in radiologic technology.

Valerie Wanke, Student
Scholarship Recipient
Valerie Wanke
Cindy McGuire

While technical skills associated with patient care, anatomy and physiology are essential to the radiologic technology profession, the emotional demands contributing to attrition and burnout should not be overlooked. Recent events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and workforce shortages, challenge education programs to consider how to best prepare students for a future health care career. The generous support from the ASRT Foundation has provided me with an opportunity to explore emotional intelligence in radiology students. This research can help develop collaborative interventions to better prepare graduates to join the workforce and strengthen the radiologic technology profession.

Cindy McGuire, Ed.D., R.T.(R)(M)
Research Grant Recipient

The funding provided by the ASRT Foundation was instrumental in allowing our research team to collect pilot data on adults 40-60 years of age at risk for cardiovascular disease. The funds paid for incentives for participants to consent to providing risk assessment scores, a blood draw, sonographic imaging of the aorta and a cardiac calcium CT scoring. The funding and execution of our study coincided with the COVID-19 pandemic and accelerated our work. The results of our funded work will hopefully push the field forward in ways that improve the care of 40- to 60-year-old adults.

Kevin D. Evans, Ph.D., R.T.(R)(M)(BD), RDMS, RVS, FSDMS, FAIUM
Research Grant Recipient
Kevin D. Evans
Keshena Patterson

Keshena Patterson, B.S., R.T.(R)(CT), created a presentation about women’s health and disease processes revealed during CT pelvic exams. She chooses volunteer projects based on her passion and expertise that will allow her to use her knowledge to help others “be more informed technologists.”

Keshena Patterson, B.S., R.T.(R)(CT)
Participant, USA Healthcare Disparities Initiative, Sponsored by RAD-AID and the ASRT Foundation

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The ASRT Foundation provides medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals and students with financial support so they can achieve their goals. In FY2020, the Foundation gave 722 scholarships and grants, totaling $598,358 in awards.

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