Dissertation Abstract

Radiography Program Articulation Agreements.

Publication Number:  AAT9906857
Author:  Ludema, David
School:  University of Delaware
Date:  1998
Pages:  129
Subject:  Radiography, Education

Changes in health care have created a need for degree multicompetent radiographers rather than unicompetent non-degree radiographers. Articulation agreements between existing two year radiography programs and advanced degree institutions encourage the pursuit of the advanced degree and multicompetency. No comprehensive research has been conducted concerning articulation agreements. The goals and achievements of this study are to examine the extent and structure of existing agreements, create a reference list of existing agreements and construct a model.

A survey was sent to all accredited programs, with a return rate of 83%. Data was organized in tables with the chi-square test of independence used to determine statistical significance of relationships. Data indicated significant utilization of articulation agreements across the three sponsor types (proprietary, hospital, college), making them a major strategy effecting increases in the advanced degree and multicompetency. All working agreements were found to be unique; therefore, it is recommended that programs planning articulation, use the model and characteristics table in this research as a guide, considering that each agreement is as unique as the institution it represents.

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