Staff and Volunteers

Successful organizations feature leaders who believe in the organization, as well as passionate volunteers and staff who enthusiastically work to achieve a common mission. The ASRT Foundation is that organization. Meet the individuals who make the Foundation what it is today.

ASRT Foundation Board of Trustees

Foundation Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees provides governance and oversight for the Foundation, ensuring that donors' funds are managed wisely and used to support the organization's mission. Meet the professionals who volunteer their time to guide and support our efforts.

ISCSP Review Committee

The International Speakers and Corporate Sponsored Programs Review Committee's primary responsibility is to evaluate applications for multiple ASRT Foundation Programs against a set of established criteria. Committee members are selected for their experience with presentations and their ability to identify individuals and topics that are most likely to resonate with international audiences.

Research and Grants Advisory Panel

The Research and Grants Advisory Committee consists of experienced researchers from the radiologic sciences. The primary responsibilities of this committee are to evaluate grant proposals against established criteria and make recommendations for funding to the Board of Trustees. Committee members also provide guidance for improving grant processes and strengthening the overall body of radiologic science research.

Research Mentor Advisory Group

The primary goal of the Research Mentor Advisory Group is to encourage and support the primary investigator towards writing a quality grant proposal, provide guidance on the process, and feedback on the grant proposal.

Scholarship Review Committee

The Scholarship Review Committee's primary purpose is to evaluate scholarship applicants against a set of established criteria to identify outstanding individuals who display evidence of commitment, achievement and financial need. Committee members are typically experienced educators and are chosen for their ability to provide unbiased evaluations and make recommendations to improve upon current processes.