Dissertation Abstract

Construction of a low temperature nuclear magnetic resonance force microscope

Publication Number:  AAT3263394
Author:  Lee, Yong J., Ph.D.
School:  The University of Texas at Austin
Date:  2006
Pages:  115
Subject:  Nuclear Medicine, Magnetic Resonance Imaging

All aspects of a nuclear magnetic resonance force microscope (NM-RFM) have been constructed. The development and testing of each aspect area are discussed in detail. In particular, two sets of three-axis piezoelectric positioners based on a stick-slip motion have been successfully incorporated and tested for a wide temperature range. How each component of the microscope contributes to the signal measurement process is discussed, and possible solutions to unsuccessful attempts in detecting a spin-induced NM-RFM signal are presented. Also, a novel, two-step phase cycling technique to eliminate the contribution to the spin signal from a spurious frequency modulated (FM) radiofrequency (RF) field, which can be utilized in future experiments, is discussed in detail.

[Dr. Lee is an ARRT registrant.]

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