Leave Your Legacy

It’s always important to plan for what the future holds. This often leads to reflecting on the legacy you’ll leave behind. Through a planned gift, you can partner with the ASRT Foundation to create a lasting legacy through a will, 401(k), insurance policy or other estate vehicle. Our process is simple and secure.

Do you have loved ones you need to plan for as well? Through partial or contingent bequests, you can care for them while still including the causes you care about. Planned gifts can also reduce the tax burden to your family.

Planned gift donors are part of the ASRT Foundation’s Legacy Circle and receive a tile on the Legacy Circle digital wall near the ASRT Museum and Archives at ASRT's national office in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

If you’d like to create a planned gift, please contact us at [email protected] or at 800-444-2778, Ext. 1912.

What Your Planned Gift Can Do

Unrestricted Giving

By making an unrestricted planned gift, you will help greatly with annual program costs when your gift arrives. This allows the organization to assess what the greatest need is at the time and to direct your funds to help meet our mission in the best way.

Build the Operating Endowment

Your gift will build the first-ever operating endowment for the ASRT Foundation, ensuring that R.T.s have a dedicated place to turn for assistance for many years to come. This is a great way to multiply the power of your gift by combining it with others into a fund dedicated to the future of your profession.

Award Programs

Your gift can establish a named award to help increase opportunities for R.T.s conducting important research or traveling to underserved communities to provide education and patient care. The grant recipient’s project will be funded in part by your named award, showing them and the community how you value these efforts.

You gift could also create a scholarship fund or endowment to help ensure the long-term continuation of R.T. educational awards. As the creator of a newly established scholarship, you will have the opportunity to name your award and structure it around your particular area of interest.

Combining an estate gift with a current cash gift of $10,000 or more allows you to create a named program fund that will be awarded during your lifetime. Adding a​ supplemental planned gift increases the longevity of award funds, or the amount of the award if it is an endowment.

You can also contribute to an existing award program with your planned gift.