Global Outreach

We believe all patients deserve access to the best medical care possible. Radiologic technologists are a critical component in making that happen. Our global outreach programs provide the opportunity for medical imaging technologists and radiation therapists to participate in medical relief projects in underserved communities around the world.

The Impact of Global Outreach

Both domestically and around the globe, radiology serves as a vital component of patient care. Yet the World Health Organization reports that two out of three people still have little to no access to these lifesaving medical services. Radiologic technologists play a critical role in solving this global crisis. By working alongside other medical professionals as part of ongoing medical relief projects, our members provide the education, training and resources local health care specialists need in order to become self-sustaining, high-quality facilities.

Global Outreach Fellowship for Medical Imaging Technologists and Radiation Therapists

We’ve partnered with RAD-AID International to provide opportunities to assist with global initiatives. Our international outreach program provides the opportunity to improve access to quality medical imaging and radiation therapy for populations in need. Program participants work with a team of volunteers to provide patient care services, education for the local health care personnel, and information on equipment, positioning and patient safety. Fellowship recipients receive funding for travel and related costs.

The RAD-AID USA Healthcare Disparities Initiative program empowers radiology and radiation oncology outreach to foster health equity for medically underserved communities. These communities and populations have historically suffered disproportionate mortality and morbidity across a range of conditions due to barriers in accessing health care. Fellowship recipients receive funding for program related costs.


Volunteer Abroad Resources

Whether it’s your first time traveling abroad or you consider yourself an expert, there are many things to consider before entering a new culture. The Volunteer Abroad Resources page provides links to many useful websites, where you can find information ranging from the latest travel alerts to tips for coping with reverse culture shock.

Travel Grants Provide Necessary Funding

ASRT members are compassionate, knowledgeable health care professionals who regularly volunteer their time and services to help others. Since 2012, we have proudly supported these efforts through travel grants, which provide needed funding for airfare, visas, hotels, immunizations and more.