Dissertation Abstract

Design and Implementation of a Process for Evaluating a Course in Fluoroscopy.

Publication Number:  AT1333867
Author:  Parelli, Robert
School:  California State University, Long Beach
Date:  1988
Pages:  96
Subject:  Fluoroscopy, Education

The purpose of this study was to develop and implement an evaluation design to determine internal and external consistency of the fluoroscopic permit course taught at Cypress College. Participant data were obtained by means of objective tests, course evaluation questionnaire, and follow-up survey. In addition, the efficacy of the evaluation design was assessed by two major stakeholders; Cypress College Administrator and a representative from the State Department of Radiologic Health.

The results indicated that: (a) there were significant differences found between the mean of the pretest and posttest scores; (b) the participants learned new facts and indicated that the information was relevant for clinical application; (c) the theoretical content was adequate for passing the state-administered certification test; (d) the course increased the participants competency level in performing fluoroscopic patient procedures; and (e) the fluoroscopic course is meeting the demands of the medical community.

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