Dissertation Abstract

Smokers' Attitudes and Subjective Norms About Smoking Cessation Following Diagnosis of Head and Neck Cancer.

Publication Number:  ATMM58477
Author:  Brooks, Laura
School:  University of Toronto, Canada
Date:  1990
Pages:  92
Subject:  Radiation Therapy

This inception cohort study investigated: (1) the change in smoking intentions, attitudes and subjective norms during the course of radiation treatment for smokers with head and neck cancer (HNC); and (2) the correlation between smokers' intentions to stop smoking following the diagnosis of HNC and their attitudes and subjective norms.

Ajzen & Fishbein's (1980) Theory of Reasoned Action (TRA) was used as a theoretical basis for this study. A consecutive sample of 24 subjects referred for radiation therapy were interviewed on three occasions: following initial assessment, and two weeks and four weeks after initiation of radiation therapy. Twenty-nine subjects completed the first interview. Data were collected using interviewer-administered questionnaires. The results indicated there was no statistically significant change in intentions, attitudes or subjective norms. There was a statistically significant correlation between intentions and attitudes and subjective norms. The results provide preliminary support for the use of the TRA in this population, and a baseline of information upon which to plan cessation and reduction interventions.

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