Dissertation Abstract

The effectiveness of online instruction in allied health science education

Publication Number:  AAT3215109
Author:  Johnston, James.
School:  Texas Woman's University
Date:  2006
Pages:   66
Subject:  Health education, Radiology

The purpose of this study was to examine the instructional effectiveness of two online radiologic science courses that were converted from a face-to-face format. Archival data were used on a sample of convenience (n=317) to compare two years of performance indicators for each course and format. This study also afforded the opportunity to compare both course formats based on national board exam results. Independent samples t-tests and ANOVAs were used to compare the groups. The results regarding which delivery type performed better were mixed in this study. Health Education and other health disciplines have the unique opportunity to demonstrate the effectiveness or lack of effectiveness of online instruction in preparing graduates for board exams. Even though the results of this study were inconclusive in this regard it does introduce the concept and a method for doing so.

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