Dissertation Abstract

Relationships Among Various Cognitive, and Noncognitive Variables With The Performance of Radiologic Technology Students

Publication Number:  AT3052214
Author:  Rutz, Anne
School:  University of Missouri - Columbia
Date:  2002
Pages:  159
Subject:  Education

The purpose of this study was to identify radiologic technology program admission criteria that can explain the variance associated with measures of performance in the professional program, both academic and clinical.

Procedures. The sample included 63 first year radiologic technology students enrolled in radiologic technology programs in Missouri. Eight variables were investigated: six admission variables, and two professional program performance measures. Pearson correlation, and multiple linear regression analyses were performed. Each hypothesis was tested at the .05 level of significance.

Findings. Professional program academic performance was best predicted by a combination of ACT composite score, high school GPA, and Occupational Work Ethic Inventory Interpersonal, Initiative, and Dependability scores, this combination of variables accounted for 25% of the variance associated with academic performance. Occupational Work Ethic Inventory Initiative and Total scores were the only admission variables significantly related to clinical performance. A significant relationship was not found between professional program academic and clinical performance. No combination of admission variables and professional program academic performance was able to explain the variance associated with clinical performance.

Conclusions. The following conclusions were drawn: (a) a combination of ACT score, high school grade point average, Occupational Work Ethic Inventory interpersonal, initiative, and dependability scores can be used to predict professional program academic performance; (b) students with a higher Occupational Work Ethic Initiative score are more likely to have higher clinical performance scores; (c) students with a higher Occupational Work Ethic Inventory Total score are more likely to have higher clinical performance scores.

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