Dissertation Abstract

Marijuana and Intentions to Use Condoms: Applying the Theory of Planned Behavior

Publication Number:  AAT3132293
Author:  Butts, Albert D.
School:  The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Date:  2004
Pages:  80
Subject:  Health Education, Public Health

A study involving 232 participants examined the impact of marijuana on intentions to use condoms with main partners. The study involved the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) and related measures. Participants reporting for their initial visit to a clinic for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) imagined themselves in a scenario in which marijuana was consumed or not and then completed measures of the TPB in relation to condom use. Marijuana use prior to sex did not show a consistent impact on intentions to use condoms. The study was supportive of the TPB; intentions were predictable from attitudes, injunctive norms, partner norms, and perceived behavioral control. Implications for using the TPB to understand decisions to use condoms under the influence of marijuana are discussed.

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