Dissertation Abstract

An Analysis of Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Variables as Predictors of Clinical Performance for Radiologic Technologists in a Community College Based Program.

Publication Number:  AAG8816665
Author:  Mckay, Darrell
School:  Saint Louis University
Date:  1988
Pages:  189
Subject:  Radiologic Technology, Education

A study conducted to determine which cognitive and non-cognitive variables best predict clinical performance for radiologic technologists in a community college program. This study involved testing subjects using the Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory, the California Psychological Inventory, and the APTICOM Aptitude Test Battery; a departmental interview was also required.

Seven independent predictor variables were selected. The two cognitive variables selected were: college cumulative grade point average, and previous mathematics and science grade point average. The non-cognitive variables selected were: subject age, subject interview score, the investigative theme from the Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory, the achievement via conformance scale from the California Psychological Inventory, and manual dexterity from the APTICOM Aptitude Test Battery. The dependent (criterion) variable used was the clinical education grade point average.

The data for this study was analyzed by computer using the (SPSS) statistical package for the Social Science Program. A modified forward selection multiple regression model, and the Pearson product-moment correlation analyses were used to determine success in clinical performance. The results indicated the college cumulative grade point average and the interview score were significant at the p $<$.05 level. All other predictor variables were not significant in this study.

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