Dissertation Abstract

Effects of an Education Program on Radiation Oncology Patients and Families.

Publication Number:  AAT3007925
Author:  Hoff, Ann
School:  The American University
Date:  2001
Pages:  116
Subject:  Radiation Therapy, Patient Care

One hundred patients and family members in the radiation oncology department of the Carilion Cancer Center of Western Virginia participated in a study to test the effects of a new education/orientation program. We presented the information in verbal and written form. We measured the program's effect on anxiety, distress, compliance, use of support services, knowledge of radiation therapy, and satisfaction with care.

There were no significant differences between the orientation and control groups in their level of anxiety and distress at the end of radiation treatment. There were also no significant differences between groups in the area of compliance. We found a few significant differences in knowledge of radiation therapy but no more than we would expect to find by chance given the number of analyses. We did find support for our hypotheses involving the utilization of support services. The orientation group was significantly more likely to use counseling services, meet with the dietitian, use the library, and seek outside support than the control group. Patients in the orientation group were significantly more satisfied with the care they received in the radiation oncology department than patients in the control group.

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