Dissertation Abstract

Promotional Patterns of Females and Males in Executive Administrative Positions of North Carolina Community Colleges (Community Colleges).

Publication Number:  AG9208912
Author:  Gentry, Mary
School:  North Carolina State University
Date:  1991
Pages:  230
Subject:  Education, Gender

The purpose of this research was to determine if there were differences between female and male executive administrators' promotional patterns in North Carolina Community Colleges. The study measured differences between females and males based on the number of interviews, number of applications, number of offers, number of years of community college experience, number of years of experience outside the community college, and the number of years of teaching. Executive administrators in North Carolina Community Colleges were asked to respond to a researcher-developed survey. The research sample consisted of 220 males and 64 females in dean level and above positions in North Carolina Community Colleges. A 92% response rate was obtained.

Negligible differences were found between female and male executive administrators in the number of applications made for appointments, the number of interviews held, the number of offers made, and the number of years teaching in educational settings. Significant differences were found to exist between females and males in the number of years of community college experience; females had more years of experience, but males had more years of experience than females outside the community college prior to appointment. Demographic data were obtained on the following: (a) age, (b) race, (c) marital status, (d) educational degree and region, (e) student enrollment, (f) number of people supervised, (g) community college administrative experience, (h) whether promotions were from within, and (i) months in job search.

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