Dissertation Abstract

Evaluation of an Interactive-Educational Barney(R) Intervention for Reducing Distress in Pediatric Cancer Patients Experiencing Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning

Publication Number:  AAT3137795
Author:  Klosky, James L.
School:  The University of Memphis
Date:  2004
Pages:  38
Subject:  Engineering, Biomedical (0541); Health Sciences, Medicine and Surgery (0564); Health Sciences, Oncology (0992); Health Sciences, Nursing (0569)

The efficacy of an interactive-educational Baney ® intervention in reducing pediatric radiation therapy (RT)-related distress was evaluated. Demographic, medical, child, and parental variables predictive of RT-related distress were also examined. Eighty children receiving RT simulation were randomly assigned to a control or Barney intervention group (BIG). The BIG condition included filmed modeling, exposure to an interactive-educational Barney character, and passive auditory distraction. Comparatively, BIG participants experienced significantly lower levels of observed behavioral distress (OBD) and heart rate (HR). No sedation differences were found. Younger age and increased OBD predicted use of sedation, while prone treatment position was associated with increases in HR and OBD relative to baseline. Results suggest that the intervention would be useful in decreasing RT-related pediatric distress.

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