Dissertation Abstract

An Analysis of the Level of Lead Fume and Lead Dust Present in the Lead Fabrication Area in Medical Radiation Therapy Departments

Publication Number:  AAT1401327
Author:  Wenzinger, Barbara J.
School:  Medical College of Ohio at Toledo
Date:  2000
Pages:  34
Subject:  Health Sciences, Occupational Health and Safety (0354); Health Sciences, Radiology (0574)

This study was undertaken to evaluate the level of airborne and surface lead present in the mold fabrication area of medical radiation therapy departments. Air sampling, both area and personal, and wipe sampling were conducted at three radiation facilities. The samples were analyzed using inductively coupled plasma/atomic emission spectroscopy. The data indicated that the airborne levels of lead were non-detectable. One object of the study was to determine if a correlation could be made between the wipe sampling data and the air sampling data. The wipe samples indicated that lead contamination was present on some surfaces in the locations that were evaluated. Accordingly, the correlation could not be made between the air sampling and wipe sampling data.

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