Dissertation Abstract

Evaluation of a Recovery-Based Curriculum in Literacy Education with Learning Disabled Substance Abusers.

Publication Number:  AG9625773
Author:  Swan, Gwendolyn
School:  Northern Arizona University
Date:  1996
Pages:  102
Subject:  Education

This study was interested in the influence of a recovery-based curriculum in literacy education. This curriculum was evaluated using sixty-nine subjects who identified themselves as having reading problems when entering a 90 day rehabilitation program for treatment of substance abuse. The sample was divided into groups by learning disability and curriculum, with LD and non-LD groups using this curriculum being compared to LD and non-LD groups using the curriculum currently in use. Knowledge about recovery skills, about metacognitive reading skills, and reading ability were investigated as important characteristics of this particular population. Results were significant for all three analyses. At posttest, the group utilizing the recovery-based curriculum showed more knowledge about recovery skills, the LD group showed less knowledge of metacognitive reading skills, and both groups showed improved reading scores, regardless of curriculum. The benefits of including literacy education at residential substance abuse treatment facilities are discussed.

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