Dissertation Abstract

An Investigation of Levels of Burnout as They Relate to Job Satisfaction and Job Performance of Radiographers at a Selected Urban Hospital (Hospitals).

Publication Number:  AG9302867
Author:  Black Jr., Cleveland
School:  Texas Southern University
Date:  1991
Pages:  112
Subject:  Radiography, Workplace

This study investigated the relationship between the levels of burnout, levels of job satisfaction, and job performance among Radiographers. In addition, the study examined whether the variables age, years of experience, sex, ethnicity, educational level, and time of shift work have any predictive validity regarding the levels of burnout among Administrative and Staff Radiographers. Both groups were administered the Maslach Burnout Inventory and the Professional Satisfaction opinion Survey. In addition the job performance evaluation was used to evaluate job performance of each Radiographer.

Three parametric statistical test were used to analyze the data. They were the t-test of independent samples, the Pearson Product-Moment Correlation, and the Multiple Regression. The.05 level of significance or better was established as the criterion for support or non-support of the null hypotheses. A population of 71 Radiographers was used for this study (15 Administrative and 56 staff). Significant difference was found between the levels of burnout of Administrative Radiographers compared to Staff Radiographers. The study indicated that attempts to make predictions regarding job burnout among Staff and Administrative Radiographers should be based on some knowledge of socio demographic variables. When these variables are placed in a regression model they will provide predicted burnout scores of Radiographers.

The findings indicated for Staff Radiographers the variables ethnicity, sex, educational level, and years of experience have some predictive validity in regard to levels of burnout. The variables age, years of experience, sex, ethnicity, educational level, and time of shift work were found to have some predictive validity on levels of burnout of Administrative Radiographers.

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