Dissertation Abstract

Job Satisfaction Among Radiologic Technologists in Selected Hospital Imaging Centers.

Publication Number:  AAT1349857
Author:  Mclaughlin Jr., Robert
School:  California State University, Long Beach
Date:  1992
Pages:  165
Subject:  Radiologic Technology, Management, Workplace

The objective of this study was to determine if Certified Radiologic Technologists (CRTs) employed in selected Orange County hospital imaging centers experience factors leading toward job dissatisfaction. The Medical Personnel Stress Survey, designed by Hammer, Jones, Lyons, Sixsmith, and Afficiando, was used to collect the necessary information. A data analysis led to the conclusion that a few CRTs are experiencing working conditions leading toward job dissatisfaction including organizational stress, somatic distress, and negative patient attitudes.

Based upon the findings of this study, recommendations included (a) managers re-organizing their departments by improving working conditions for their technologists, (b) managers improving communication skills and peer support by promoting group activities for their staff, (c) managers implementing ways for their staff to learn more about providing better relationships with patients, reducing somatic distress, and eliminating negative attitudes toward patients, and (d) managers providing opportunities for educational advancement to improve professional recognition of CRTs.

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