Dissertation Abstract

The effectiveness of orthodontists and oral radiologists in the diagnosis of impacted maxillary canines

Publication Number:  AAT1432820
Author:  Herring, Jason Thomas, M.S.
School:  The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Date:  2006
Pages:  118
Subject:  Dental Care, Radiography

This study was designed to evaluate clinicians' ability to accurately diagnose maxillary canine impactions. Simulated cases of maxillary canine impaction were constructed using a human skull. Traditional radiographs and NewTom scans were obtained for each simulated case. Orthodontists and radiologists viewed and diagnosed the cases using both the traditional and NewTom images. The following diagnoses were assessed for each case: (1) Buccopalatal location of the canine, (2) Canine proximity to the lateral incisor, and (3) Presence of lateral incisor root resorption. Comparisons of diagnostic accuracy were made between the orthodontists and radiologists and between the two imaging modalities. For canine localization, radiologists outperformed orthodontists using the traditional images, but orthodontists' improved dramatically using the NewTom. For proximity and resorption, both groups of clinicians were inaccurate using the traditional images, but were significantly more accurate using the NewTom. NewTom imaging outperformed traditional radiography for all diagnostic questions.

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