Dissertation Abstract

Faculty use of Web-based instruction for psychomotor learning in community college radiography programs

Publication Number:  AAT3339327
Author:  Giovanniello, Michael, Ph.D.,
School:  Capella University
Date:  2009
Pages:  235
Subject:  Web-based Instruction in Radiography programs

Web-based instruction (WBI) is being used in community college radiography programs to address cognitive and psychomotor learning outcomes. This study investigated how faculty members use and value WBI for instructor-student interactivity in courses with psychomotor outcomes. The research methodology chosen was a non-experimental cross-sectional survey design with a quantitative approach to data analysis. The descriptive data from this study indicated that although the use of WBI is on the rise in community college radiography programs for courses containing both cognitive and psychomotor learning outcomes, its use is not widespread. In programs using WBI, results indicate that psychomotor outcomes are mainly being addressed by faculty through cognitive means, such as verbal instructions/lecture and feedback in the form of asynchronous written text, with minimal usage of demonstration/modeling or guided practice/coaching via synchronous or asynchronous media. Although data revealed that female faculty and younger faculty of both genders used verbal instructions/lecture and feedback more often in the form of asynchronous written text than their counterparts, most faculty did not differ in frequency of use as the majority of educators used the teaching strategies and media identified in the literature as being necessary for humans to learn psychomotor skills sparingly or not at all. Results also indicated that most faculty members do not consider WBI valuable for instructor-student interactivity in courses containing primarily psychomotor outcomes but do value its use for courses with cognitive outcomes.

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