Our Story

At the heart of every successful professional association are people who come together to help each other be stronger, better versions of themselves. The ASRT Foundation exists to provide a means for individuals and corporations to do just that by creating opportunities for radiologic technologists and students to fulfill their potential for the good of the entire profession and the patients they serve each day.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The ASRT Foundation supports and empowers medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals and students as they pursue opportunities to enhance the quality and safety of patient care. To make this happen, we collaborate with industry leaders to create opportunities and provide direct funding to R.T.s so they have the tools and resources to deliver amazing patient care.

The Future We Dream About

We envision a world in which every medical imaging and radiation therapy professional has the knowledge, tools and resources he or she needs to provide safe, effective patient care at the highest quality possible.

What We Believe

  • Every patient deserves the highest quality care possible from knowledgeable and skilled medical professionals using the most effective technology available.
  • Education can improve an R.T.’s ability to provide safe, quality care.
  • Higher levels of education open more doors for career advancement and professional success.
  • Scholarships help our profession retain the best and brightest students and technologists who might otherwise choose another career path.
  • Technologists can earn respect from their peers in allied health by achieving higher levels of education and making significant contributions to the advancement of medical knowledge.
  • Contributing to the body of knowledge in the field of radiology and oncology increases the credibility of the radiologic sciences profession as a whole.

Programs That Matter

Throughout the ASRT Foundation's history, we have always maintained a focus on finding sustainable ways to support the educational pursuits of members and share that knowledge with others around the world. Below are just some of the programs that have had the biggest impact on the profession over the past 30 years.

  • Scholarships for radiologic technologists and students in a wide range of modalities, educational programs and career paths.
  • Grants to fund research projects led by radiologic technologists.
  • Funding that helps members share research with the profession through conference presentations and peer-reviewed journal articles.
  • Grants to institutions for their radiologic science programs.
  • Scientific poster display competitions and presentations.
  • Annual opportunities and funding to represent the profession at international conferences.
  • Grants to local public school teachers to help incorporate the radiologic sciences into their classrooms.

2022 Program Highlights

2022 Program Highlights

The ASRT Foundation provides medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals and students with financial support so they can achieve their goals. In FY 2022, the Foundation gave 205 scholarships and grants, totaling $355,455 in awards..