Dissertation Abstract

Study into the Issues Surrounding the Development of Recertification Training for Radiation Therapists in British Columbia.

Publication Number:  ATMQ59461
Author:  Mitchell, Fiona Jane
School:  Royal Roads University, Canada
Date:  2001
Pages:  108
Subject:  Radiation Therapy, Education

This project was designed to research the issues surrounding the development of recertification training for radiation therapist in British Columbia. Presently the professional practice guidelines established by radiation therapy state that a radiation therapist who has not practiced within the previous 5 years must completely retrain before returning to the work force. The research question used to guide the research through semi-structured interviews was: What are the issues surrounding the development of recertification training for radiation therapists in British Columbia, who have not practiced for five years and want to re-enter the workforce?

In this study, participants were invited to discuss these issues with respect to their position, experience and their understanding of past professional practice. A qualitative research methodology was determined to be the most appropriate approach, enabling the researcher to gain insight into the ways in which radiation therapists view themselves and are viewed by others. Appreciative inquiry, semi-structured interviews and a survey were used to gather data from the research participants. In this way, an understanding of the role and responsibilities of today's therapist was developed. The findings of this research provide a foundation from which further research on this topic can be developed, for example, the information will be used to investigate the feasibility of developing a recertification program within British Columbia.

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