Dissertation Abstract

Staff Nurses' Perceptions of Unit Based Quality Assurance.

Publication Number:  AI1360653
Author:  Small, Deborah
School:  Duquesne University School of Nursing
Date:  1994
Pages:  82
Subject:  Nursing

This study identified staff nurses' perceptions of general quality assurance (QA) programs and unit based quality assurance (UBQA) programs in one metropolitan teaching hospital. A Quality Assurance Opinionnaire survey (White, 1993) was distributed to a stratified random sample of 151 staff nurses.

Results indicated 56 staff nurses (37% response rate) had positive perceptions of both general QA and UBQA. A Pearson Correlation Coefficient revealed a moderately positive significance (r =.54, p $<$.01) between perceptions of general QA and UBQA. Perceptions of general QA and UBQA did not differ significantly for those who participated in QA activities and those who did not participate. Staff nurses who had attended continuing education programs did show significantly more positive perceptions (t = $-$2.02, P $<$.05) to UBQA than those with no attendance. No difference was found in perceptions of general QA for those who did attend continuing education programs and those who did not. No difference was found in perceptions of general QA or UBQA and nurses with higher levels of education.

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