ASRT Foundation Corporate Roundtable

We support industry partners coming together to work collaboratively to identify critical issues in the radiologic sciences. Our goal is to fund and share successful strategies to educate and prepare technologists for the future of medical imaging and radiation therapy. We have learned that the best solutions come from our greatest assets: people. That’s why, since 1999, we’ve continuously found new and innovative ways to bring people together to make changes that improve the field for everyone.

2024 Corporate Roundtable Meeting

2019 Artificial Intelligence Survey and White Paper

Artificial Intelligence White Paper and Survey

The 2019 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Survey was conducted to assess how radiologic technologists and radiation therapists are using AI and to assess their perception of the future implications to practice as AI becomes more broadly employed. The results were used to prepare the white paper, The Artificial Intelligence Era: The Role of Radiologic Technologists and Radiation Therapists.

The Role of the Radiologic Technologist

The Patient Safety and Quality in Medical Imaging white paper

Safe, high-quality patient care is a number one priority. Examining best practices in the field can help ensure that everyone is doing their part to make sure all patients receive the best care possible. The Patient Safety and Quality in Medical Imaging white paper examines the role of the radiologic technologist in this critical endeavor.

The Role of the Radiation Therapist

The Role of the Radiation TherapistEach year, approximately 14 million people around the world find out they have cancer. Almost two-thirds of these patients in the United States will receive radiation therapy treatments at some point during their illness. This white paper examines the critical role of the radiation therapist in ensuring each one of those patients receives the highest level of care possible.

The Training Partnership

The Commitment to Succeed white paper

The Commitment to Succeed white paper provides a common language for manufacturers, health care institutions and medical imaging professionals to explain the important role of applications training in the workplace.


What Is an Advanced User?

The Advanced User DefinitionSuperusers are a critical component of a well-trained work force. The Advanced User Definition allows employers and training providers to speak a common language when determining the characteristics and expectations for staff who help show colleagues the safe and effective use of equipment in the workplace.

2014 Radiation Protection Survey

2014 Radiation Protection Survey

ASRT Associate Executive Director of Learning and Membership Myke Kudlas shares the results of a nationwide survey of radiologic technologists. Outcomes can help assess the knowledge gap in technology among R.T.s as it relates to patient dose.

New Skills Acquisition

Continuous professional development can provide a great return on investment for managers who invest in their employees. Acquiring new skills and practicing lifelong learning behaviors can help health care providers prepare for new imaging technology or modalities more quickly when they arise. This article presents a comprehensive effort to improve the methods and opportunities for training faced by radiologic technologists in a demanding and constantly shifting work environment.