Dissertation Abstract

Development of an In Vitro Laboratory Manual for Nuclear Medicine Technology Students (Laboratory Manual).

Publication Number:  AG9000415
Author:  Meyers, Arthur
School:  University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Date:  1989
Pages:  187
Subject:  Nuclear Medicine, Education

This study evaluated existing In Vitro educational materials in qualitative and quantitative parameters that currently exist to educate potential clinicians of nationally accredited Nuclear Medicine programs. A review of over 300 articles, texts, and manuals pertaining to In Vitro Nuclear Medicine procedures clearly demonstrated that no In Vitro laboratory manual for undergraduate students presently existed.

Every Nuclear Medicine program director in the United States was surveyed. They were asked for their overall philosophy in terms of developing an In Vitro manual and requested to evaluate the significance of 22 general principles/concepts and 34 specific laboratory testing procedures. From the responses to the survey, an In Vitro Nuclear Medicine manual was created and appended to the study. The manual consists of lecture and study material, chapter reviews, and laboratory assignments and exercises. .

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