Research Grants

We support new ideas and practices to strengthen the radiologic technology profession. Our goal is to fund and share the research and analysis of issues that affect medical imaging technologists and radiation therapists, helping to cultivate the next generation of researchers. That's why over the last 30 years, we’ve partnered with donors to create more than three dozen technologist-initiated research projects all across North America.

Why Apply for an ASRT Foundation Research Grant?

  • Up to two years to investigate your research question.
  • As much as $10,000 to study topics in the radiologic sciences.
  • Dedicated funds set aside each year exclusively for ASRT members.
  • Bring attention to the work being done at your affiliated educational or clinical institution.
  • Contribute key findings to the profession while learning the skills you need to receive highly competitive grant awards.
  • Increase the probability of having your research findings published or being invited to present your work at a national conference.

99 %Over the past 20 years, 99% of our research grant recipients have completed their projects and shared the outcomes with the profession through presentations or publication. Research grants have been awarded for projects in a wide range of specialty areas and modalities. Review the full list to see what topics and approaches have been funded, as well as the research teams who examined each topic.


Which Research Proposals Get Funded?

  • Asks a research question that has significance or relevance to the medical imaging or radiation therapy profession.
  • Led by individuals who show evidence of being qualified to thoroughly investigate the proposed research question.
  • Demonstrates a strong understanding and use of current study protocols, assurances and agreements.
  • Shows evidence of awareness and understanding of similar research in the field and seeks to build on the common body of literature.
  • Presents and adheres to a reasonable and comprehensive budget.
  • Provides sound methodology appropriate to the stated research question and hypothesis.

Dissertation Directory

The ASRT Foundation maintains a directory of submitted dissertations and theses important to the radiologic sciences and allied health fields. Requests for inclusion in the directory may be sent to Copies of published dissertations can be obtained from

Write a Winning Research Grant

How to Write a Winning Research Grant

Would you like to conduct research but don’t know how to obtain the funding you need? You’re in the right place! This online module uses the ASRT Foundation’s research grant process as a model to illustrate how to write a successful grant proposal.


Timeline for Spring Grant Round

To be thorough and perform a fair assessment of each application, deadlines are strictly enforced.

Jan. 25, 2018: Letter of Intent deadline
March 1, 2018: Full proposal due to the Foundation
June 1, 2018: Foundation informs principal investigator of funding decision
June 15, 2018: Check mailed to principal investigator's institution*

*Based on receipt of signed releases