News & Stories

  • Thankful for Donor Generosity

    In November, dedicated members of the R.T. community shared their commitment to the profession by donating to the ASRT Foundation. Thank you for your generous support. Your generosity is changing lives through fellowships, grants and scholarships.
  • Nicole Dhanraj

    Creating a Global R.T. Community

    Nicole Dhanraj is passionate about building a strong international R.T. community and empowering others through knowledge-sharing. She recently shared her expertise as an ASRT Foundation International Speakers Exchange Award recipient.
  • Jeff Legg

    Simple Steps To Secure Research Funding

    The new chairman of the Research and Grants Advisory Panel shares his advice on how to submit a high-quality letter of intent when applying for a research grant. A strong letter of intent is crucial in being invited to submit a full grant proposal.
  • Foundation 2016 Holiday Ornament

    Add an R.T. Touch to Holiday Decorating

    This holiday season, be sure to get your R.T.-inspired holiday ornament. Your donation will be a gift to the profession, helping to ensure a brighter and stronger future for students and R.T.s.
  • Eileen Maloney

    Leader in Education and Service Supports Radiographers Through a Scholarship

    Eileen Maloney has devoted her career to educating others and holding service positions at the state and national level. She continues to support education in the profession through her creation of a scholarship through the Celebration Campaign.