News & Stories

  • Rachel Davis

    R.T. Safety Is Paramount

    As an R.T., Rachel Davis understands that technologists encounter safety issues daily while caring for patients. She encourages everyone to think of creative ways to improve R.T. safety at their facility, and to apply for a Safety FiRsT® grant.
  • Safety First

    Applications Open for ASRT Foundation and Toshiba Medical Safety FiRsT Grant Program

    The ASRT Foundation and Toshiba Medical have teamed up again to help improve technologist safety in radiology with the third annual Safety FiRsT® grant program.
  • Dave Pennell

    Donor Support Helps Find MRI-Safe Implants

    A donor-funded research grant empowered David Pennell to investigate safety issues surrounding medical implants and magnetic resonance imaging examinations. Thanks to generous donors, he found 34 previously untested implants that are safe to image.
  • Pulakos CPAs

    Pulakos CPAs Honoring the Past, Investing in the Future

    The team at Pulakos CPAs in Albuquerque, New Mexico, donates to the ASRT Foundation Celebration Campaign. After working with the ASRT for several years, they chose to name a room near the new ASRT Museum and Archives.
  • Lindsey Vechart

    Outreach Fellow Strengthens Sonography in Nicaragua

    Last fall, Lindsay Vechart worked as an ASRT Foundation Community Outreach Fellow in Nicaragua. The ongoing support of donors and volunteers like her has helped bring sonography to the nearly one million people who call the city of Managua home.