International Collaborative Research Grant

The International Collaborative Research Grant supports medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals aspiring to partner with an international colleague to conduct a scientific research project in radiologic technology. Our goal is to enhance the profession’s body of knowledge and to promote international research collaboration. A U.S. researcher will be paired with an international researcher to complete a research project with a maximum timeline of two years. In addition to the research study, the research findings will be submitted for publication in each organizations’ peer reviewed journal and presented at each organizations’ annual conference. Funding of up to $50,000 will be awarded for each approved research project.


Each researcher will need to hold current medical imaging or radiation therapy credentials in their respective country, have been a PI on a minimum of one prior research study and have a minimum of three consecutive years of membership with their respective society that has not lapsed at the time of funding. Membership must be maintained for the duration of the project.

2024 Timeline

June 30, 2024 Initial application deadline
October 31, 2024 Full proposal deadline
November 30, 2024 Foundation informs recipients of funding status

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