Emerging Researcher Grant

The Emerging Researcher Grant supports medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals aspiring to conduct scientific research in radiologic technology. This research grant provides additional support for the emerging researcher, with complimentary access to professional development courses to boost research and writing skills. The grant funds projects of up to $4,000.


ASRT members who have received up to one previous grant from any organization are eligible to apply.


Pathway to applying for your research grant

  1. Review the Emerging Researcher Guide for complete eligibility and submission requirements.

  2. Identify your topic and download the Emerging Researcher Application.

  3. Download and complete the Emerging Researcher Questionnaire.

  4. Email the completed Emerging Researcher Questionnaire to [email protected]. You will be assigned a Research Mentor who will guide you through the completion of your application.

  5. Participate in initial consultation with your Research Mentor.

  6. You will be given free access to these ASRT tools*:

    • How to Write a Winning Research Grant
    • Research and Writing Essentials: The Series
      *You are required to complete all sections assigned by your Research Mentor.
  7. Learn what your facility’s institutional review board (IRB) requirements are and make sure you are prepared to get necessary IRB approval. The review panel will be looking for details about this in your application.

  8. Complete the Emerging Researcher Application and email to [email protected].

  9. Consult with your Research Mentor.

  10. Make any updates to application based on feedback from your Research Mentor.

  11. Participate in final consultation with your Research Mentor.

  12. Email your updated application to [email protected].

  13. If your application is not approved, your Research Mentor will advise you in making the revisions requested by the Research Grants Advisory Panel.


Application Submission Deadlines

The Foundation continually accepts questionnaires and initial applications, but submissions are considered for funding twice annually.

Spring Grant Round

Nov. 23 Letter of Intent deadline
Feb. 1 Full proposal due at the Foundation
Jun. 1 Foundation informs principal investigator of funding decision

Fall Grant Round

May 23 Letter of Intent deadline
Aug. 1 Full proposal due at the Foundation
Dec. 1 Foundation informs principal investigator of funding decision

Which Research Proposals Get Funded?

  • Asks a research question that has significance or relevance to the medical imaging or radiation therapy profession.
  • Led by individuals who show evidence of being qualified to thoroughly investigate the proposed research question.
  • Demonstrates a strong understanding and use of current study protocols, assurances and agreements.
  • Shows evidence of awareness and understanding of similar research in the field and seeks to build on the common body of literature.
  • Presents and adheres to a reasonable and comprehensive budget.
  • Provides sound methodology appropriate to the stated research question and hypothesis.

Additional Research Grants for Members

We offer a continuum of research grant opportunities to support researchers of all experience levels. Find the opportunity that meets your needs.