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  • Donors Essential to Providing Opportunities

    Throughout March, donors showed their commitment to making a difference in the lives of R.T.s, students and patients. Their generosity makes it possible for the ASRT Foundation to offer fellowships, grants and scholarships to the R.T. community.
  • Support Shows Love of Profession

    Throughout February, individuals showed their love for the R.T. community with their generous gifts to the ASRT Foundation. Your support is making a difference in the lives of R.T.s, students and patients all over the world.
  • Donors Kick Off the New Year With Generosity

    Individuals who made a donation to the ASRT Foundation in January provided a great start to the year. Your support will ensure that countless lives will be changed in 2016 through scholarships, research grants and community outreach projects.
  • Lisa Kisner and family

    Inspired by R.T. Generosity and Professionalism

    Working with medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals to oversee the ASRT’s journals inspires Lisa Kisner to support the R.T. community through the ASRT Foundation.
  • Generosity Is the Best Gift

    Thank you to those who made a gift to the ASRT Foundation this holiday season. Your generosity is changing the lives of R.T.s, students and patients around the world.