Generosity Is the Best Gift

Jan. 7, 2016

The generosity of our R.T. community this holiday season was inspiring. All month, donors showed how dedicated they are to giving back to their professional community and supporting their fellow R.T.s and students. It is because of your generous gifts that scholarships, research grants and community outreach opportunities continue to be available. You are helping to ensure a bright future for the profession.

We are thankful for all of the individuals who made a contribution to the Foundation in December. Your support is changing lives around the world.

Laura Aaron, Shreveport, LA

Randy Adams, Brick, NJ

Ariel Altamura, Selden, NY

Rebecca Apodaca, Albuquerque, NM, in memory of her father

H. Erica Bailey, Missouri City, TX

Louise Bennett, Norwalk, CT

Robyn Bennett, South Bend, IN

Catherine Bertsch Boychuk, La Jolla, CA

Alicia Caswell, Vincennes, IN

Carol Chovanec, Dover, NJ

Mootoo Chunasamy, New City, NY

Eugene Clary, Hamilton, TX

Steven Cohen, Brownsburg, IN

Donna Cullum, Bakersfield, CA

Joan Daly, Aloha, OR

Stephanie Dawson, Springfield, MO

Cynthia Ditmore, Houston, TX

Stephanie Fineman, Denver, CO

Lisa Finnegan, Bethel Park, PA

Laura Fontaine, Newtonville, MA

Kari Giorgi, Salisbury, MD

Jay Greenberg, Bronx, NY

Ginger Griffin in Memory of Judy Williams , Jacksonville, FL

Sandra Hayden, Pearland, TX

Jay Hicks, Chicago, IL

Patricia Higgins, Placentia, CA

David Hollis, Gallipolis, OH

Anton Hougardy-Sato, Hillsboro, OR

Barbara Imber, Lima, OH

Elgudzha Isakadze, Oakland Gardens, NY

Melissa Jackowski, Willow Spring, NC

Natalie Johnson, Lima, OH

Margaret Karppinen, Charleston, SC

Mary Karr, Oak Lawn, IL

Jeffrey Killion, Henrietta, TX

Judith Killion, Abington, MA

Resty Kim, Long Beach, CA

Martha Klemm, Frankfort, IN

Francine LaRosa, Prospect Park, PA

JoEllen Larson, Armour, SD

Tammy L'Ecuyer, Worcester, MA

Penelope Lindeman, Duluth, MN

Jo Ann Long, North Augusta, SC

Christine Lung, Albuquerque, NM

Debra Manni-Provencal, Cranston, RI

Edna Marr, Portland, OR

Francine Martin, Yonkers, NY

Olivia Martin, Sayre, OK

Bonnie Martinese, Hayden, ID

Joaquin Martinez, Baldwin Park, CA

Sonya Martinez, Santa Cruz, CA

Roy Mc Gahee, Sulphur Springs, TX

Susan McGurk, West Springfield, MA

Erika Melke, Lansing, MI

Randell Mellor, Hereford, TX

Alicia Miller, Lewes, DE

Rex Miller, Lansing, MI

Brettley Miller, Rock Island, TN

William Moakler, Bronx, NY

Diane Morgan, Placentia, CA

Rose Morra, Chandler, AZ

Gregory Morrison, Rio Rancho, NM

Sany Mui, Chicago, IL

Brandon Mullings, Belleview, FL

Susan Munroe, Martinez, CA

Donna Newman, Fargo, ND

Jerzy Nowak, Arlington Heights, IL

Mackie Parmer, Cisco, TX

Nanci Pellin, Imperial, MO

Nancy Perkins, Bakersfield, CA

Marie Racine, Dallas, TX

Althea Rouse, Webster City, IA

Marilyn Sackett, Missouri City, TX

Mary Sampson, Holderness, NH

Sarah Sanders, Forest Park, IL

Marjorie Sawyer, Elizabethtown, PA

Judith Schneider, Indianapolis, IN

Daryl Schulz, Friendswood, TX

Heidi Sebastian, Peru, IN

Jacqueline Siragusa, Ormond Beach, FL

Amber Smith-Forster, Dixon, IL

Ligia Solorzano, Houston, TX

Lindsay Soumiatin, Hollister, MO

Claudia Tessier, Fairbanks, AK

Fredrick Towns, El Centro, CA

George Uschold, Rochester, NY

Beth Weber in Honor of Barbara Hente, Sioux Falls, SD

Carole Weston, Fair Haven, NJ

Beth Wyckoff, Tampa, FL

Rebecca Apodaca of Albuquerque, NM wrote of her gift, "This is in memory of my father, who consistently encouraged me as I was going through college. There were times it was tough, but he kept me going. The field of medical imaging has been very good to me. Thanks Dad! Love you! Ziz"