You Inspire the ASRT Staff

Oct. 27, 2015

The R.T. community is full of amazing individuals who strive to provide the best patient care possible while inspiring students and colleagues.

This dedication and passion for the profession is a motivating force for the ASRT staff. It is your actions that keep us committed to strengthening the profession through education, research and community outreach projects around the globe.

It is because of you that over half of the staff at the ASRT contributes to these programs every year. That what you do every day inspires that many people to give is impressive. What might surprise you, though, is that a majority of us are not R.T.s — we are association professionals, as is the case with most national membership organizations.

We see the great work you do and value what you offer to the health care team so much that even though we are not in the field, we want to support its future!

ASRT staff generosity simply shows how much we believe in what you do, and how much we believe in helping others succeed in the profession. We want to be a part of the extended R.T. family, that special group of individuals working toward creating a brighter future for students and R.T.s.