Inspired by R.T. Generosity and Professionalism

Lisa Kisner B.A., CQIA, ELS, ASRT Scientific Publications Manager
Jan. 21, 2016

Lisa Kisner and familyAfter 14 years as an ASRT staff member, I have learned a lot about the radiologic sciences and been inspired by the professionals who make up the R. T. community. Because I want to support the great work you do every day, I’m proud to be an ASRT Foundation donor.

Although I am not a radiologic technologist or radiation therapist, I have needed to learn a lot because I oversee ASRT’s two scholarly journals, Radiologic Technology and Radiation Therapist. My personal work philosophy is, “Make the R.T. more successful every day.” I try to apply that concept in every action I undertake as an ASRT employee, and it is something I feel the ASRT Foundation programs work to accomplish as well.

However, despite reading countless technical articles and attending dozens of conference courses, I need assistance from the professional community to do my job. I rely on a strong network of technologists willing to answer my questions and ensure the technical content we publish is accurate and informative.

I can confidently say that of the thousands of interactions I’ve had with R.T.s over the years, each one has confirmed what a great group you are. The people who perform diagnostic medical imaging examinations and administer radiation treatments are professionals in every sense of the word. Above all else, you are dedicated and generous.

You generously share your time, compassion and knowledge to support your colleagues and strengthen the profession while improving patient care. Your generosity and willingness to help others inspire me to support you through the ASRT Foundation.

The Foundation offers so many programs that give back to the professionals on which so many patients rely. Whether those professionals are new to the field or have been in it for decades, and regardless of whether they mentor one person, teach best practices in a clinic across the globe or work hard to make a patient smile, R.T.s are doing amazing things and sometimes need a little help. As long as that help is needed, I will continue to donate to the Foundation.