New Partner in R.T. Safety

Jul. 2, 2015

The ASRT Foundation is excited to announce the new Safety FiRsT program in partnership with Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc.

This program is part of Toshiba’s 360 Degrees of Safety initiatives to encourage and promote safety in the radiologic sciences profession. Our community strives for patient-centered care, and one way we can achieve this is to make it safer for R.T.s to perform their job duties. Safety FiRsT is designed to help facilities increase technologist and therapist safety in the work environment.

The program will empower project leaders to improve or implement a radiologic technology safety program at their facility. Selected applicants will receive a grant of up to $7,000 courtesy of Toshiba to complete their project. Along with the grant, each facility will be given a copy of the ASRT institutional course, Safety Essentials, to be shared with all employees in the department.

As part of the grant, facilities will share the results of their project and how it affected the safety of their technologists and therapists. The program began this June and applications will be accepted until Sept. 1, 2015, with recipients being selected in October.

For more details on eligibility and the application process, please visit our website.