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  • Dave Pennell

    Donor Support Helps Find MRI-Safe Implants

    A donor-funded research grant empowered David Pennell to investigate safety issues surrounding medical implants and magnetic resonance imaging examinations. Thanks to generous donors, he found 34 previously untested implants that are safe to image.
  • Timmerie Cohen

    Advancing Through Research

    A donor-funded ASRT Foundation research grant made it possible for Timmerie Cohen, Melanie Dempsey and Jeffrey Legg to find new ways to reduce radiation dose to patients. Research like theirs is helping R.T.s provide a higher level of patient care.
  • Announcement Badge

    Support for Research Available

    Donors make it possible for the ASRT Foundation to offer grants to novice and experienced researchers twice a year. If you have a research project that needs funding, begin the application process for a spring 2017 grant of up to $10,000.
  • Jeff Legg

    Simple Steps To Secure Research Funding

    The new chairman of the Research and Grants Advisory Panel shares his advice on how to submit a high-quality letter of intent when applying for a research grant. A strong letter of intent is crucial in being invited to submit a full grant proposal.
  • Announcement Badge

    Passionate Donors Unite To Endow Research Grant

    Rebecca Ludwig, Marilyn Sackett and other dedicated donors understand the important role research plays in the profession. Rebecca and Marilyn created a donor-funded research grant, and in 13 months, generous supporters made it a permanent award.