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Congratulations! You've been selected for a volunteer work project abroad to use your radiologic technology skills and knowledge. Before you pack your bags for what will surely be a decidedly rewarding learning and teaching opportunity, you need to get prepared for your overseas experience. Whether this is your first time abroad or your hundredth trip, there are many things to consider before going into a new culture — or even revisiting a familiar one.

What To Expect

  • Medical facilities in other countries may be much more limited in terms of space, equipment, patient service areas and ancillary facilities such as the cafeteria, parking and environmental controls.
  • Equipment and educational materials may be dated or in poor physical condition.
  • Access to computers and electronic educational materials may be absent or unreliable, so it is safest to not assume and to ask staff if you plan to provide training through electronic methods such as CDs or cloud-based programs.
  • Health care professionals in the developing country may not have formal education in radiography. Preparing written materials on basic principles of radiation production, protection and radiobiology in the professionals’ native language could be useful resources for them and their coworkers.

How To Prepare

  • Review the websites listed below for helpful information about traveling abroad and current information for the country you are visiting.
  • Make sure you pack everything you will need, ranging from educational materials to travel medications.
  • Consider brushing up on a few phrases in the native language of the people you will be meeting. Even if you have an interpreter available, the attempt to communicate in their language is a courtesy that will be returned back to you many times over.
  • Make contact with others who have visited the same region or country to get a better sense of what to expect when you arrive.
  • Keep an open mind, don’t pre-judge what you will experience, and view the event as an adventure and opportunity to serve others.

Making the Most of Your Experience

  • Your host wants you to have a pleasant and meaningful experience, so don't be afraid to ask for advice or suggestions about things you experience that are unique or unusual.
  • Be a careful observer and be mindful of displaying respect in a culturally acceptable manner.
  • Try to remain open, receptive and flexible.
  • Expect there to be an overwhelming number of people asking for assistance. Although your work overseas is temporary, you may be successful in helping a few individuals that will make all of the hardships and inconveniences worthwhile.

Useful Websites

Consult the following websites to plan for your trip and help ensure a successful experience.

Know Before You Go

Review the list below for key considerations prior to any overseas trip.


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