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  • Scholarship Badge

    Scholarships Available for Numerous Career Paths

    Whether you’re earning your first degree or returning to school for an additional degree, the ASRT Foundation is here to help. The Foundation offers more than 65 professional and entry-level donor-funded scholarships for ASRT members.
  • Stephanie Robles

    Scholarship Inspires Commitment to Professional Involvement

    A donor-funded scholarship enabled Stephanie Robles to remain in her radiologic sciences program instead of dropping out. Donors made it possible for her to continue her education and motivated her to become more active in the R.T. community.
  • Chin Chan

    Dedication to Professional Community Inspired by Scholarship

    Donors made it possible for Chin Chan to receive a scholarship in 2012 when he needed someone to believe in him. Four years later, the faith donors had in him still motivates him in his aspiring career in magnetic resonance imaging.
  • Rachel_Whatley_150

    Tough Start Launches Bright Career

    Rachel Whatley worked her way up from a high school dropout who had a rough start in life to earning a bachelor’s degree and becoming a dedicated R.T., wife and mother. Donor support is now empowering her to pursue a master’s degree.
  • Donna_ThalerLong_150

    Educator Knows Firsthand Importance of Scholarships

    As an educator, donor and past scholarship recipient, Donna Thaler Long knows firsthand the impact donors have on the professional community. She believes it’s important to empower students and professionals to become as educated as possible.