Scholarships Available for Numerous Career Paths

Nov. 10, 2016

Donors made it possible for the ASRT Foundation to award 71 scholarships to R.T.s and students to continue their education and pursue a wide variety of careers last year. Applications for this year’s scholarships opened on Nov. 1.

Whether you’re a first-time student or an established R.T. returning to the classroom, the Foundation is here to empower you to reach your educational goals. It’s easy to apply for a donor-funded scholarship. One application enters you into consideration for every scholarship award for which you are eligible.

Sixteen scholarships are available for entry-level students to help them earn their first degree or certification in the radiologic sciences. Many of the scholarships are for students studying a specific modality, including radiation therapy, radiography, sonography, magnetic resonance imaging and nuclear medicine. This is a great benefit for entry-level applicants because they are applying for funds that are available only to individuals who are in similar places in their education.

Fifty-five scholarships are available for ASRT members who are pursuing degrees or certificates beyond their initial education. These scholarships are tailored to help professionals advance in their careers and open doors to new opportunities.

As a professional-level applicant, there are scholarships for you whether you want to remain in the clinic, transition into a different modality, become more advanced in your current modality or even move into management or education. There also are scholarships available if you’re a professional working toward your first collegiate degree or you’re a current educator or manager who is continuing your education to support your career goals.

Visit the Scholarship web page today to learn more about Foundation scholarship opportunities and to submit your application.