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  • You Inspire the ASRT Staff

    Your dedication and passion inspires over half of the ASRT staff to donate to programs that support students and R.T.s. This is an impressive honor, as a majority of the ASRT staff are association professionals and not R.T.s.
  • Your Support Changes Lives

    Thank you to everyone who helped change the lives of R.T.s, students and patients through your generosity in September. Your support makes it possible!
  • Corporate Giving

    Supporters Make the Profession Stronger

    The passion and dedication of ASRT Foundation donors, volunteers and recipients creates a great resource for the radiologic sciences community to grow the profession.
  • Announcement Badge

    Generosity Makes it Possible

    The generosity of donors makes it possible to offer scholarships, research grants and community outreach programs to strengthen the profession. This year donors helped us reach goal a week early. Will you put us over the top?
  • Support Continues To Inspire

    We want to thank everyone who showed their support for our community with a contribution to the ASRT Foundation in August. It is because of your generosity that we are able to offer meaningful programs to students and R.T.s.