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  • Joy Cook

    Reflecting on International Experience

    Speaking at the United Kingdom Radiological Congress showed Joy Cook how different the profession is in other parts of the world. She now uses that knowledge and experience to help her students understand the profession on a global level.
  • Announcement Badge

    Donors Help Spread Knowledge Internationally

    Donors are facilitating knowledge sharing around the world through programs like the International Speakers Exchange Award. Congratulations to Robert Adams and Nicole Dhanraj for being selected as the 2016 award recipients.
  • Jerry Conlogue

    Experience Reveals Advances in Field

    The 2015 International Speakers Exchange Award program offered Gerald Conlogue the opportunity to see advancements in forensic radiography around the world and sparked ideas to improve it in the United States.
  • Richard Evans

    Sharing Knowledge is Vital

    Richard Evans, the chief executive officer for the Society of Radiographers in the United Kingdom, believes the International Speakers Exchange Award program offers a great opportunity to advance the profession.
  • Carol Mount

    We All Want To Continue Learning

    Carol Mount, a 2015 International Speakers Exchange Award recipient, shares her international conference presentation experience.