Safety FiRsT

We support new ideas, practices and partnerships to strengthen the radiologic technology profession. In collaboration with Canon Medical Systems, the goal of the Safety FiRsT® program is to support radiologic technology workplace safety initiatives by awarding up to two grants of $7,000 each for institutions to implement a radiologic technology safety program.

Safety initiatives may include purchasing new aprons for the technologists, creating a training program or any other creative idea that will improve overall technologist safety. The program will be funded by Canon Medical Systems and administered by the ASRT Foundation. Program recipients will be ASRT members who meet the requirements established by the Foundation.

Meet the 2018 Safety FiRsT® Grant Recipients.


The 2019 Safety FiRsT® application period has ended. Award recipients will be announced in Sept. 2019.

Why Apply for the Safety FiRsT Program?

  • Encourage and improve radiologic technologist safety in your workplace.
  • An opportunity to improve or expand a technologist safety idea or program in your institution.
  • Bring attention to your workplace safety practices with this opportunity for recognition.
  • As much as $14,000 for two ASRT members’ institutions ($7,000 each) for promoting radiologic technologist safety.
  • Dedicated funds set aside each year exclusively for ASRT members.
  • In addition, awardees’ institutions receive a copy of ASRT’s online educational series, Safety Essentials, which can be shared with all departmental employees.