ASRT Foundation History

ASRT buildingAs the largest and most successful professional association for radiologic technologists in the world, the ASRT took a giant step forward by starting a foundation for its members in 1984. Hoping that it would one day provide scholarships for students and encourage research, the ASRT Board members who established the ASRT Foundation looked for opportunities to develop income opportunities and corporate connections.

Former ASRT Board of Directors President Becky Kruse said, “We went through a lot of changes in the organization until coming up with a formula for success: going back to the people who are a part of the profession to give. We had to support ourselves before we could really go out and ask for support from others.”

The Foundation took on new life when former CEO Sal Martino was hired as the Chief Academic Officer over the ASRT Foundation. Making it his mission to create solid scholarship and grant opportunities each year, he expanded the number of awards from fewer than five a year to the almost 100 that are awarded annually today.

Dr. Martino also worked with corporations and individuals who wanted to provide more direct support for technologists and students. Creating both the Patron program and the Health Care Industry Advisory Council allowed the ASRT Foundation to publicly recognize the most loyal donors while also building a broad base of individuals and organizations that were dedicated to creating a brighter future for radiologic technologists and the profession.