Legacy Circle

Members of the Legacy Circle are special people who help ensure that the ASRT Foundation is able to fulfill its mission for years to come by leaving a gift in their will. If you'd like more information on adding your name to the list, email us at [email protected].

Bequests Received

  • Anna B. Ames
  • Angeline Cullinan
  • Leonore Galarneau
  • William Hutson
  • Virginia Milligan

Planned Gifts

  • Annette Coleman
  • Lynne Eggert & Michael Moore
  • Amanda Garlock
  • Steven Hardy
  • Norman & Barbara Hente
  • Georgia Hitzke
  • Parsha Hobson
  • Amy Hofmann
  • Richard Kay
  • Michael Kudlas
  • Ellen Lipman
  • Nancy Madsen
  • Eileen Maloney
  • Sal Martino
  • Greg and Nancy Morrison
  • Joan Parsons
  • Diane Schulz
  • Michael Ward
  • Liana and Ken Watson
  • Beth Weber