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This year marks the ASRT Foundation’s 40th anniversary and ambitious fundraising campaign to raise $400,000 to support $400,000 in funding for academic scholarships!


Making a donation is a great way to further the profession and contribute to the educational and professional growth of students and R.T.s, enabling them to achieve their dreams and enhance the quality of health care worldwide. Scholarships help hundreds of individuals improve their education, investigate and solve critical problems, share their knowledge with other technologists around the world, and more.

Your donation will give medical imaging and radiation therapy students and professionals opportunities to provide high-quality patient care.


Fundraising Goal

40th-anniversary Thermometer

40th Schedule of Events

Check out the monthly calendar full of '80s nostalgia and help the Foundation celebrate its 40th anniversary.

January 40 Year Challenge! Post a picture of you in the 80s or at 40. Use #RadFab40 to post your picture on X, Facebook or Instagram.
February Share your story about how a scholarship from the ASRT Foundation helped you achieve your educational goals. #RadFab40 to post your story on X, Facebook or Instagram.
March Let the Foundation and your colleagues know your favorite '80s song. Use #RadFab40 to post your favorite '80s song on social media.
April Vote for your favorite '80s movie with a small donation to the Foundation. The movie with the most donations will win as a top movie for R.T.s.
May Do you remember any of these '80s video games? Use #RadFab40 to post your favorite '80s video game on social media.
June What was your favorite toy from the '80s? Use #RadFab40 to post your favorite '80s toy on social media.
July Your donation will be matched dollar for dollar in July.
August Which '80s cartoon makes you nostalgic for your childhood? Use #RadFab40 to post your favorite '80s cartoon on social media.
September Which '80s fashion trend do you wish was back? Use #RadFab40 to post your favorite '80s fashion trend on social media.
October Check out the goal meter and help the Foundation raise $400,000 for its 40th.
November Check out 10 inventions you didn’t know are from the '80s and participate in GivingTuesday.
December Help the Foundation finish the year strong. Make an end-of-year contribution. Donate Today!