News & Stories

  • Kevin D. Evans

    Passing On the Legacy

    ASRT research grant recipient Kevin Evans shares how he got started in the research field and how he intends to influence future researchers to advance the profession through new discoveries.
  • Started With a Hunch

    It Started With a Hunch

    The world of research might seem far removed from daily practice in your medical imaging or radiation therapy department. In reality, much of what you do as an R.T. began as a researcher’s hunch.
  • Am I Brave Enough?

    Dr. Rebecca Ludwig was one of the first ASRT members to receive a research grant from the ASRT Foundation. She shares what inspires her to research and how she overcame her fears to make a meaningful contribution to the radiologic sciences.
  • Remo George

    Advancing Patient Care Through Research

    Research is the stepping stone to advancing the profession – and ultimately advancing patient care. Nuclear medicine technologist Remo George is just one example of a researcher who found the answer to his questions and shared them with others.
  • Melanie Dempsey

    A Culture of Patient Safety

    In 2010, a Foundation grant helped three researchers investigate the culture of patient safety among U.S. radiation therapists.