Toshiba Partners With ASRT Foundation To Promote Safety

Aug. 2, 2016

ToshibaSafety FiRsT is the pilot program Toshiba America Medical Systems launched in 2015 with the ASRT Foundation to promote a safer workplace for radiologic technologists.

“Toshiba is proud to partner with the ASRT Foundation on the Safety FiRsT program,” said Cathy Wolfe, senior director of strategic communications and market intelligence for Toshiba America Medical Systems. “Through the program, Toshiba supports providers with their intiatives to enhance R.T. and patient safety and see the positive, long-term impact of putting safety first.”

Toshiba worked with the ASRT Foundation in 2015 to offer two $7,000 grants to facilities to improve radiologic technologist safety. ASRT members applied for the awards on behalf of their institutions. The program was renewed in 2016.

“Safety goes beyond lowering radiation dose. It is an encompassing concept that requires constant refinement, guidance and expertise,” said Cathy. “Developing this new grant program allows hospitals to further their pursuit of establishing programs that meet the goals of CMS’s better care, healthier populations, smarter spending.”

To achieve these goals, Toshiba’s program focuses on going beyond patient safety to make sure that health care workers consider their own safety.

“Navigating the new directives, payment models and quality measures of the Affordable Care Act is a tremendous challenge for any health care provider, no matter its size,” said Cathy. “And it’s changing all aspects of the way providers conduct business, safety included.”

Filing a Grant Request

Toshiba and the Foundation set a Sept. 1, 2015, deadline for project applications to be submitted, with the recipients announced in October 2015. The ASRT Foundation received 14 complete applications, which included proof of current ASRT membership and the permission of the institution, by the deadline. The program was renewed for 2016.

“Toshiba believes that by partnering with a reputable organization like the ASRT Foundation, we can do more than just say safety is important,” said Cathy. “We can help providers make safety a priority by implementing changes to more effectively protect patients and staff.”

Background on Toshiba Initiatives

Toshiba has long been committed to improving the quality of life for all people. “Toshiba’s commitment to safety can best be seen in the way the company puts customers first by providing 360 degrees of coverage, guidance and expertise to meet ever-changing legislative, technological and business demands due to health care reform,” says Cathy.

“We are very pleased to support the ASRT Foundation’s mission to empower medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals and students as they pursue opportunities to enhance the quality and safety of patient care,” said Cathy. “The Foundation and ASRT are working toward the same end, and the Safety FiRsT program is a great collaboration.”