The Armstrong Group Donation Supports Future ASRT Foundation Goals

Oct. 4, 2016

Nate ArmstrongIn line with the Armstrong Group’s work in developing and implementing strategies related to investments that help nonprofit organizations accomplish their goals and mission, the company donated to the ASRT Foundation Celebration Campaign.

The ASRT Foundation Celebration Campaign gives individuals, organizations and groups the chance to name a room, make a donation or create an endowment that is applied to either the general fund or to a specific program such as scholarships, outreach efforts, international speakers or research grants. The Armstrong Group chose to support the campaign through a one-time donation to name a room at the ASRT office.

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the ASRT Founcation “helps clients make informed decisions about their financial futures by providing them with the knowledge and guidance they desire,” according to Nathan R. Armstrong, CIMA, vice president of the Armstrong Group.

The firm is a member of the Merrill Lynch Private Banking and Investment Group. The donation reflects the firm’s desire to address their clients’ concerns, goals, and long-term aspirations by adjusting their strategies to reflect changing priorities and conditions. The firm offers institutional services that cover investment policy statements, strategic asset allocation, manager searches and oversight, performance measurement, investment advisory, fundraising and board education.

The staff advises on endowments, foundations, religious organizations, settlement trusts, insurance companies and retirement plans to help clients broaden their impact, strengthen their financial outlook and prolong their vital service to the larger community. “Our goal as advisors is concrete and direct: provide exceptional client service and consistent long-term results,” Nathan says.

The firm’s donation will help to ensure long-term results as the Foundation works to improve the radiologic science profession.